Will Your Russian Bride Want a Traditional Slavic Wedding

Every woman’s dream is to find a life long partner and to build a strong relationship with him. After dating for a long time beautiful Russian lady is waiting for a romantic proposal and an engagement ring.

Wedding Celebration Procedure
Russian wedding traditions may vary from family to family but the main idea is that Russian girls are dreaming about a big marriage and usually this celebration lasts for few days with official part that takes the first day and consists only of registration procedure and receiving a state marriage certificate and the celebration party. The latter requires reservation of a restaurant, a toast maker, beautiful dresses, dances and presents. During this gala guests can express their wishes to the newly weds and make presents.

Will Your Russian Bride Want a Traditional Slavic Wedding
Will Your Russian Bride Want a Traditional Slavic Wedding

If you two only interested in receiving a certificate and then planning to move to another country don’t forget to apply in advance to state administration in order to set the date and to deal with all bureaucratic issues in embassy. State registration takes place at the department of public services and lasts up to 30 minutes. The couple has to sign documents and drink champagne after. Two crystal glasses are also one of the wedding traditions.
If your beautiful and young Russian bride wants traditional wedding it probably means that it will be expensive and lasting and you will be able to meet her every relative and friend. But some girls prefer to invite few close friends and parents and to celebrate this happy occasion privately. In any case the bride should decide how to spend this festive celebration as she has been dreaming of this day for many years and you are her prince charming with whom she will share her life and future.

Traditional wedding rituals in Eastern Europe
Marriage with Russian woman means following a lot of traditions new to a foreigner but so much appreciated in Russia. One of the best known wedding rituals are:
Paying the ransom. Before the ceremony the bride gets “kidnapped” by friends and the groom has to pay the ransom in order to get her back. The ransom demands singing or dancing or any other joyful activity to perform;
Betrothal – a blessing procedure performed by a priest inside the church during the wedding ceremony. This act can be made also at the beginning of the engagement;

Will Your Russian Bride Want a Traditional Slavic Wedding
Will Your Russian Bride Want a Traditional Slavic Wedding

Crowning. Holy Matrimony has its own ritual that consists of crowning as this is the true symbol of two hearts unity.
Whatever kind of wedding ceremony your beautiful Russian will choose make sure it all goes smoothly as both of you will remember this day for the rest of your life. Try to maintain close and warm relationship with her family and friends as you will visit them very often and your wife’s parents may help you with your own children in future.

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