Why Russian women are looking for a foreign husband?

Why Russian women are looking for a foreign husband?

What are the reasons of such migration?

It’s not as easy as it seems to be. Such desires can be attributed to life confusion, bad-ended marriages, lack of money for life, somebody can cause it by dreams connected with Hollywood cinema art. But no one wants to capture the gist of a problem, actually. Because every woman who leaves the country takes the gene pool of the nation out of the state.

Every potential beautiful child will be born as a citizen of another state, his mind would work for the prosperity of other nations. And you can always find a convenient and simple answer to the question “Why are women so cruel?”, although the reason should be obvious.

Why are they looking for a husband in the distant and unknown lands? Pretty widespread opinion is that brides leave abroad in order to find a husband, because of poor, ugly life, with a failed career etc. It is simply wrong. So, what is the reason for such emigration tendency?

Have we got a lot of good bridegrooms?

The main aim of the most part of Russian women, which are trying to leave the homeland, is to find a husband abroad. They are quite young and have a good education, financial status above-average, probably may have one child, they have never been married or are divorced at the moment. It seems they strange, that all these women want to move away in some unknown countries, abandon a habitual way of life, change their stable positions in a society.

It is known that approximately 55-60% of total population are women. Unfortunately, a lot of potential bridegrooms are economically insolvent, lazy, ill-bred, drunks etc. Is it strange that our girls don’t want to create a family with such men? In this case the role of the family head often falls on the fragile shoulders of women. Otherwise, women’s chances to meet a groom are less than men’s chances to find a future wife.

Apparently, the problem has been set in the childhood of men. Spoiled by maternal care boys are not able to create a family, to bear the burden of his father, to be a real head of household. Very often, the mother continues to take a care of her children while the boy is growing up. It can be a lot of conversations about all of these faults, and men cannot blame Russian ladies for that.

What outcomes do we have?

With the help of Internet, Russian brides are destroying the boundaries between nations. They are also expanding the online communication borders between people. They are disappointed in our men and the effect is that women are trying to find a life partner abroad.

Now, can you remember why you appreciate all the single ladies you have in your life? How often do you give them flowers or pleasant surprise? Because of men disregarding the women, pretty girls could become a good wife for a foreigner. So you need to be careful with that.

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