Why Russian ladies are so valuable, and why men chased them?

Why Russian ladies are so valuable, and why men chased them?

Russian bride is a perfect companion for anyone who needs love

One of the most frequently asked questions asked by women is “What do foreigners seeking in Russian women and what do they need?”

They reasonably hope that knowing what men look for will help them to provide it – and the trick is done! Happy end!

But it is not so simple, of course. Let us look at the requirements, which the majority of men talk about.

The most important thing we need is Love. With a capital letter. People want not only love, but also to be loved.

One trip to Russia makes it clear what the real beauty is

Of course, the strong half of humanity pays a great attention to female beauty. But it must be said, the concept of beauty in our country is much more democratic than in Russia. We consider practically anyone who is not ugly to be beautiful. Our well-groomed, slender women dressed in the latest fashion, almost all, 99%, meet the understanding of the word “beautiful”.

But there is one interesting point: after a visit to Moscow, the idea of beauty has changed. A lot of guys were talking about the fact that they have not seen the single maid, which would not have been absolutely gorgeous; their average girl is able to confound our top models.

Femininity is an essential feature of the women

Next indispensable requirement, even if it does not sound particular from the male lips, is femininity. Absolutely everyone who searches Russian girls for marriage want them to be feminine. When ladies are too busy, live in a crazy rhythm, work a lot, making a career, they lose their femininity. As a result of the success race, they learn methods of struggle and become completely self-sufficient. It turns out they basically do not need a husband, if only as the father of the children she wants to have. If a woman is able to live without a man, it is very easy to break up after the first conflict. Accustomed to competing with males on equal terms in career woman brings home the “spirit of competition”. It is completely absent among wives from in that country, single and married ones.

Why Russian ladies are so valuable, and why men chased them?

Americans are searching Russian women for marriage, who will be a little fragile, want “to live with husband, not to compete with them”, who needs a husband, who will not constantly be threatened with divorce because they can quietly get along without him.

Cocktail of intelligence and good physical shape

ext frequent desire or requirement which is important according to the majority of men – she must be “in a good shape”. Many (though certainly not all!) American ladies do not take care of themselves are not involved in sports, and eat a lot. In Russia, the vast majority of women are still walking a lot and do most of the hard work at home. Their lifestyle contains exercises, so their bodies are in good shape all the time. It is amazing how they manage it without losing a feminine nature.

And do not forget that a lady should be smart. Ladies in Russia are well-educated, so it is also worth paying attention to. This requirement is, I can assure you, corresponds to the entire population of the former Soviet Union. People there are well-read and intellectually developed. It is noted by many Americans who have visited that country. Difficult, unstable conditions of life in Russia make their brains work at higher speeds, as you know if something is trained it develops.

One of the distinctly human qualities in Russian girls not only married but also single ones who want to become brides is kindness, honesty, diligence, loyalty and tenderness. By the way, with a decent, faithful, loving husband, who also earn enough money, helps at home, to be kind and affectionate is pretty easy. Taking care of her husband and family is in her blood. They really want to marry and be devoted to the relationship in 100%.

Attention and love

Analyzing our mind, a conclusion can be made in two keywords: attention and love. We want warmth and care. Still, it is important a girl be open, honest, kind, considerate. For American men, like any other, it is important to be loved as much as he would like. The need to be loved is one of the most unmet needs. Therefore, probably, it is worth to give a closer look to single ladies from Russia who are ready to get married.

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