Why do Western men finance Russian brides they barely know?

Why do Western men finance Russian brides they barely know?

But yet, hundreds of men send huge portions of their income to a woman they’ve never met for extended periods of time, hoping to get the woman of their dream. My question is WHY???

I have experienced that a Western man often has to send to the bride from Russia and Ukraine as much as $1,000 a month while she’s still in her homeland, just to get her to come over. Some men do it even if they’ve never seen her in their entire life! They may have only communicated with her via phone calls or even e-mails. Sending money to a woman you’ve never met in person is really insane.

Many other men are more cynical: they believe that you can “buy” a woman’s love if you send her enough money. Surely, that beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman will fall in love with you if you send her $1,000, right?

And then there is the cliché of the “knight in shining armor.” Women in Ukraine and Russia often describe desperate, unhappy situations in their homeland that they simply have to escape. Many men who send money to a woman they might never meet, definitely feel a sense of moral power.

The sad truth of the matter is that men often willing let themselves get fooled or seduced by a “too good to be true” situation. Sending money gives the men a good feeling not to be alone anymore, be important in the life of a Russian woman… But it is the right solution for your loneliness…

You need to consider how much money your potential bride is asking you to send. Obviously, you’re going to have to pay money for a plane ticket to get your bride to your home country. You have to pay for processing her Visa paperwork. But, would somebody that really love you ask you to send them thousands of dollars, before coming to meet you?

And I believe you know the reply to that question, as well. If somebody is asking you for thousands of dollars, you are likely getting scammed. Don’t let your loneliness and emotional connection from with a picture and a few e-mails get pulled you into a mail order bride scam.

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