Western men sincerely admire the beauty and intelligence of Russian women, while many male Russians do not know how to appreciate all these qualities.

Why do Russian girls look for a partner for marriage abroad?

It’s no secret that Russian women are very popular in the West.  Guys spend a lot of time and make a lot of efforts to achieve their goal, namely, to find a bride in Russia. It is not surprising – because Slavic beauties differ not only in their attractiveness and charm, but also in what the Western lady lacks – femininity, tolerance and kindness.

Then everything seems to be clear. However, a quite logical question arises: why are enchanting, educated, completely successful women losing interest in Russian men and starting a search for a partner abroad? Well, let’s try to look at the matter from the point of view of the Russian woman. First, many know that in Russia there is a significant difference between the number of men and women. The latter are in the majority. Conclusion? Part of  women (especially after 30) can not find a marriage partner, and therefore forced to remain alone. Not too funny statistics, is not it?

The next thing that leads women to disappointment is the manners of Russian men, their habits and the way of life. Many of my acquaintances and friends complain that the men in Russia were originally brought up in such a way that they perceive love and adoring women as a matter of course (among them there is an opinion that “men should be protected, because they are fewer”) On this basis, Russian men are not inclined to long courtships and beautiful gestures, – in general, they can not be called romanticists. But any woman – why not hide it! – wants to be constantly surrounded with attention and care. It’s so natural!

Western men sincerely admire the beauty and intelligence of Russian women, while many male Russians do not know how to appreciate all these qualities. In addition, men in Russia do not pay too much attention to their appearance and sometimes behave in such a way that another Western man will be extremely surprised (if not to say – shocked). For example, the husband of my friend (an American) can not understand why Russian men can walk outside and drink beer right in the middle of the day, when they all work hard in America! The girlfriend herself is frankly amazed at how courteous and courteous western men are. “This is a completely different upbringing and a different culture!”, She says.

Of course, there is one more reason why Russian girls are looking for a groom abroad. Many people want to find a man with whom you can feel like “behind a stone wall.” Nobody will argue with the fact that the economic situation in Russia remains very complicated – and many women are afraid of such instability. They want to be sure that not only their own, but also their children, will have a happy future. However, do not think that girls are looking for a partner abroad only for mercenary motives. After all, “when everything is there,” life seems to be fresh, and comfort and convenience are not becoming fun! That is why, having moved to another country, women remain as active as at home – they find work, study – in general, they live a rich life! To summarize, one can only say that Russian girls who are looking for a groom abroad, strive for what any person dreams about – to find love, respect and happiness.

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