Why Belarusian Lady May Reject You

Why Belarusian Lady May Reject You

Dear men, who are looking for a single girl for marriage, let’s clear up the question – what make Belarusian ladies attractive to you? Don’t compromise your integrity – it is beauty. They, together with Ukrainian and Russian ladies, are the most beautiful in the world. Most of foreign men would like to date a gorgeous Slavic girl who looks like a model and hold their hands.

What do you like most about Belarusian girls’ appearance? Maybe their fashionable looks or perfectly fitted dresses, nice make-up and hair styling, right? Ok. Now tell please, were they born like this? To be beautiful and have a good look they probably took care of their appearance. Obvious that for you, guys, the same rules applied. Almost every Belarusian lady wants you to look like her part. So if you wish to get a beautiful girlfriend you should be beautiful too. And the first reason local girl may reject you can be …

Your profile photo

The majority of men joining online dating site are sure they should be what they are. “What I need to change for” they think and post a picture where they are carelessly dressed or make a grumpy face. Yes, you may be who you are, but if you want to meet good-looking Belarusian lady who will respond on your express of interest, you should have a good-looking profile photo. At least!

Take a glossy magazine and look through the photos of men – they are (men) neatly dressed. Thus, the pictures are bright, some of them simply impressive. Your profile photo should be the same – make it have an emotional impact.

Tip: a good photo is the one where you look good. Put on nice neat outfit that looks really good on you. Comb your hair before taking a pic. You may also go to a hairdresser to change or refresh your haircut. Make it stylish. No odd hats or sunglasses! Take dozens of photos in the same pose if it is necessary, then choose the best and make it your profile one.

Remember, having a good primary pic is the easiest way to score with the beautiful Belarus ladies! Just split-second look on it may recon a girl to throw you to a “bin” or take a chance to become a mother of your babies.

Look of the Date

Each beautiful Belarus Lady (as well as Ukrainian lady) has a good taste. She used to have a smart look where the key role belongs to her outfit. It is dressy and looks like exactly you expected. That is why usually you do like what you see on your first date. But what about you?

Many local girls complain their potential partners who are coming from abroad to meet them for the first time have bad look. They are surprise that the men don’t want to impress a girl of his choice or at least correspond her look.

Tip: Slavic girls like men in tidy and neat outfit which corresponds to nowadays trends or at least look good on them. So put on nice jeans or trousers, slim feat long-sleeved shirt or plain-collared shirt. Don’t forget to comb your hair and put on a smile.

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