Who are Russian girls

Who are Russian girls

What makes Russian bride different from any other woman?

The increasing usage of the internet has made online dating even more popular. Now single American men do not have to go thousand miles to find a bride. All they need is to find a good dating web sites or international marriage agency. The Internet is a good tool for online dating but it also the place where one can find so many contradictions and myths about girls. Some of the myths depict old type of online dating girls, which is far from new Slavic girls who use online dating web sites.

  1. Russian women do not want to work. They have no career ambitions.

This myth, probably, exists because many ladies left work because of their families. It is not that they do not want to be successful lawyers, doctors, managers. Most Russians are quite smart, receive degrees and have potential to become professionals in certain spheres. But when it comes to family, they understand that it is impossible to be a good mother and wife, and a successful business lady. Let’s be honest – very few women manage to find balance between work and private life. Unlike American ladies, Slavic women give green light to their husbands and agree to become housewives.

  1. Russian ladies want to marry American men in order to move abroad.

Some people find it strange that Russia girls are open to international relationship.  There are several reasons why Russian ladies do not mind marrying Americans. The first reason is the demographic situation in the country. Statistics shows that there are more women than men, and this means that not every woman will be able to get married. The second reason is the quality of life and attitude of men to women. It is believed that American and Western men treat women more respectively than Slavic men. Many women are dreaming about having husbands, who would take care of them and treat them with respect..

  1. Russian girls are not that pretty. Photos used on most dating web sites are fake.

It may seem really unbelievable that so many women in one country can be so beautiful but this is true. If you ask an average man, who visited Russia, he will easily confirm that ladies are beautiful and their beauty is absolutely natural. Russians, in general, are prettier than most American girls, especially depending on the state. They are slim and usually do not have any problems with overweight. Nevertheless, most women go to the gym on regular basis and have quite health eating habits.
Most dating agencies have very strict rules regarding who can become their clients. In other words, they select only beautiful and attractive ladies, who will have success among men using their dating services.

Most of the stereotypes and myths on the internet are far from being true. All women are different and a couple of unfortunate stories do not make them all the same.

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