Russian women are stated to be well-educated and smart. It is very hard today to meet a girl knowing only Russian. Most of the females in Russia have a good knowledge of English or other foreign language, due to the fact it is being studied in school. However, many of them have learned this language after school in order to leave the country or get a proper job in a company dealing with partners outside the country.

The best way to meet an English speaking Russian woman is to visit one of those online dating services. Why? Because this is the place where you can take it both – find a well-educated girl which also desires to get in touch with foreigner. So do not hesitate to sign up, as although there are thousands of women registered on such web sites, there are also thousands of men willing to meet them.

It also can be said that the good way to get along with an English speaking woman is to provide a brief search in social networks. However, it is doubtful you will find there someone good enough and interested in making friends abroad.

What if Russian Woman Speaks Russian Only?

Learn it. You may think it is a joke, but it is not – it’s just one of the options. You will need to learn it anyway, if you are planning to marry a girl. However, there is another option – more convenient and sometimes even better – hire the translator. Having a good translator near during conversation will guarantee the fact you will understand what your beloved one says. However, it is hard to achieve an intimacy when there is someone around, no matter whether it is a text chat conversation, video call or a personal meeting. In such a case propose girl to use the online translator service and use it as well. Those are far away from providing proper translation, but it will allow you to have a tet-a-tet, and it will also bring a bit of fun to your conversation due to the machine translation peculiarities.

How to Help Woman Speaking Russian Only Learn English?

The fastest way to learn foreign language is to speak permanently with native speakers. So provide video calls as often as you can. You can also make a present for your chosen one – buy a certificate to online English lessons. Of course, the best way for you to make woman speaking Russian a proficient speaker is to invite her to your country. You will also get an unforgettable experience and know better the woman you are talking to. To underline, knowing English for her or is not necessary at all as there is only a language of love which is known by everyone.

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