What Women Want In A Man

What russian women want in a man

The age old question of what women want in a man. A famous 18th century naturalist once said that of all the things he has learned and researched throughout his entire life, the one thing he never figured out is what russian  women want. We have come a long way since then. Massive progress has been made in the fields of evolutionary psychology and women psychology to the point where we can safely say we have a pretty good idea of what women want in a man.

Ever since you were a little boy, you were probably curious about members of the opposite sex. At first it might just be innocent things like “Why do they like to color, talk a lot, and hold hands?” Meanwhile you go about destroying things and play-fight with other boys. Then just short of reaching puberty, you probably started feeling unusual things. You begin to feel a sort of innate attraction towards girls who catch your attention. Girls went from being a weak, annoying, and boring version of ourselves to being mysterious, radiant, and… “pretty.”What Women Want In A Man-2

Once puberty hits all hell breaks loose. Girls start developing in ways that further intensify your attraction towards them. And like most guys, you probably started doing things to try and get their attention. You went up to the one you thought was the cutest and told your very best fart joke fully expecting girly giggles. What you probably received was a blank stare and verbal threats to leave her alone. It was then that you realized… not only do girls look different from you, but they also acted, communicated, and responded in different ways. And you have absolutely NO IDEA what they want!

Most guys grow up still stuck trying to figure out exactly what women want in a man.

Like I mentioned earlier, women are DIFFERENT from us. This is the most important concept you need to grasp. A lot of guys out there for one reason or another refuse to believe or accept this fact and that prevents them from having the kind of success they want with women. Some guys out there still think that women like doing the same things they do or that they have the same thoughts and think the same way.

I’ll give you an example:

I used to know a guy who would go up to a woman he found attractive and have a conversation with her… about CARS! He would go on and on about how to fix cars and how the engine works and all that good stuff.

Of course the woman was being polite and listened intently but you can tell she has zero interest in what he is talking about. Needless to say, his chances with her sunk faster than a rock tied to an anvil. And if he did make some progress, he inevitably ended up being slotted in the “friends zone.”

He thought that since he and most people(guys) liked cars that she would too.

Again, women are different.

The sooner you can embrace the fact that women are different, the sooner you can see things for what they REALLY are.

Women are emotional creatures, they are drawn to things that stir up their emotions. Things like drama, gossip, feelings, and connections.

Vastly different from what we as guys enjoy

You want a women to fall for you fast? Cater to how she is wired. Talk about things that cause intrigue. Ask her how she feels about a certain topic. Tell stories that incorporate romance, drama and EMOTIONS.

A few years ago I used to work at a place that employed this amazingly gorgeous receptionist. She had a ton of guys hanging around her all the time trying to get her attention even though she had a boyfriend. I only see her here and there in the hallways and that was my only chance to talk to her. I focused on conversations that would be interesting for her and rarely talk about myself.

Even though I knew her so little, she would come by my desk to say hi and drop off food on occasion. Some of the guys there hated me. I figured she was interested but since she was taken, I didn’t make a move.

When I left six months later, she confided in me that out of all the guys in the office (who have been there for years), I was the one she felt the closest with. It blew my mind.

It wasn’t until I started thinking about it that I realized I had created an amazing CONNECTION with her through those minute-long hallway interactions!

All because I understood what she responded to as a woman.

But there’s more to it than just focusing on what she finds interesting.

What Else Do Women Want In A Man?

Contrary to what society would have you believe, women are not actually attracted to the typical nice guy. If you’re a supplicating nice guy, there’s a good chance most of the attractive women in your life view you as only a friend. There is a reason for that.

Women have this hard-wired need to find a mate who can be a protector and provider.

You won’t ignite her femininity by being NICE towards her. At least not by your definition. What women consider nice and what men consider nice are very different.

Guys think they are being nice when they do whatever a woman wants, buys her gifts, become her emotional sponge, and hang out with her 24/7. Women HATE this kind of behavior.

When women say they want a nice guy, they mean this: A strong, confident, and dominant MAN who makes decisions, thinks for himself, leads in his life, fearlessly goes after what he wants (especially her)… and is NICE towards others.

Yea women make it complicated as you can probably tell. But not by their own doing.

What they are really referring to is a “real man.”

Imagine a beautiful and sexually attractive women. Notice how you can’t help but gaze at her. Notice how she carries herself in such a sensual and sexy manner. How her hair frames her gorgeous face perfectly. And how she exudes a vibrant, and enticingly feminine aura.

Entranced aren’t you?

That’s what a woman feels when she’s in the presence of a real man (or her “nice guy”). You need to become that man.

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