What To Do If My Russian Girl Is Dating Other Men

What To Do If My Russian Girl Is Dating Other Men

What To Do If My Russian Girl Is Dating Other Men

Under the categorical question of “how to impress Russian girl,” one of the main questions men want an answer to deal with Russian girl dating.  Essentially, when desiring a relationship with Russian girl what does a man do when his favorite lady is favoring a few other males as well  as him?  What does he do when she is dating other men?  Here are some tips on Russian girl dating to gain her full attention.  One will find a monogamous relationship with a Slavic girls is, indeed, possible.

Be Real About It and Tell Her So

One of the biggest mistakes men make with dating Slavic woman is assume that the female knows the level of the male’s interest in her.  While you might be head over heels female you’ve been interacting with, she might not realize the depth of your affection.  Thus, confused about where you stand, she may very well start playing the field just to keep her dating options open.  If you don’t tell her directly how you feel and talk about the direction of the relationship, neither of you will ever really know about the relationship status and where it is going.  You can, of course, assume all day long, but the end, unless the two of you talk to each other, you will remain confused about the  path your relationship will take.

Be a Gentleman Always

Long distance cross cultural relationship or not, always be a gentleman.  When you meet her face to face that means flowers, and opening doors and thinking of her first.  But what about long distance – how do you prove you are a gentleman?  Remain polite, kind, gentle, and always dress nice for pictures and Skype interactions.  Look good, talk nicely about others, and always ask her about things important to her.  Refrain from being a braggart or someone who is egotistical and overly proud.  Keep the sweet and charming qualities that first attracted her to you and you’ll be bound to have a lasting relationship.  Demonstrate to her home much she means to you and let her know all the time.

Suggest Taking the Relationship to the Next Level

Be confident and take the first step. She will find when you take the lead and initiative attractive.  Slavic women often like it when men make the first move.  Tell her you want to be with her solely and vice versa. Be clear about your wants and let her know what it would mean to you if that could happen.  Tell her what it is about her that you find so attractive and why you feel the relationship is ready to move forward to a higher more intense status.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you receive.


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