What russian women mentality is like

What russian women mentality is like

These smart, beautiful women know how to emphasize their advantages and hide disadvantages. Women from Russia are strong in spirit, they are ready for anything for the sake of love and family, they are willing to forgive a lot of things. These ladies are also vulnerable, sensitive. They are real women. But what is their mentality like? What are the main things for them?

What are the features of russian women mentality, what is special about them

Women from Russia are unusual in every way. They are extremely beautiful, kind, but let’s talk about russian women mentality. What’s it like?

Russian woman never shows off. Objection, comparison or doubt – a usual response to compliments. It’s usually replaced by gratitude, expressed in words or a smile. That’s why beautiful woman react with confusion and joy in response at European men’s admiration.

These girls are too self-critical. This isn’t because of inferiority complex; it’s due to inflated standards. If she says she looks terrible, it means that she waits for a compliment, for confirmation that she’s still loved. What is the conclusion about her mentality? She needs praise, compliments, then she feels like a real woman! The main thing is to praise her with all your heart.

She isn’t used to beg, she always counts on her. That’s why these ladies work for 12 hours a day, affording new clothes, paying their own bills.

Russian girls never complain, even encountering difficulties, she usually says that everything is fine. This is done for convincing her loved one that she doesn’t cause problems. On the other hand, sometimes she likes complaining to her man for feeling his care, compassion, for getting advice.

These ladies hate frustration. That’s why they often allude: if Russian girl alludes – she has something to ask for. She doesn’t talk about her requests directly.

Slavic mentality has always been associated with love, care. This image is widespread. European men are wondering why there’s such a difference in mentality. Although each person is unique, there are certain trends: Russian female is responsible, tender, feminine, she has her own view of life.

Modern family Traditions of women from russia

Their customs involve acquaintance with parents before the wedding. Then, if bride and groom’s choice came to parents’ liking, there is discussion of ceremony details.

Now it’s accepted groom’s relatives to buy wedding rings, wedding dress and shoes for the female, and her parents to prepare her for married life that includes bed linen, towels, dishes, furniture, equipment, etc. It is a bad sign to see the female in her wedding dress before the actual wedding so she takes over costs for it. In the old days the bride also bought wedding shoes, it was a sign of her thrift and frugality.

Modern dresses are usually ordered in a variety of colors and shades, but white is still a traditional color. Veil is worn at bride’s head. According to the mentaility, it is not only a sign of purity and innocence, but also protection against evil spirits.

Bachelorette party is held on the eve of the wedding day – it’s a farewell party with close friends, which symbolizes separation from lasses’ life. After all family is a priority for lasses from Russia.

Why russian women dream to find foreign husbands? What do they want

There are a lot of lonely single lasses in Russia. The fact is male population of this country is much lower than female one. Men from Russia often don’t want to take responsibility for family, and lasses, disappointed in them, prefer being single or looking for suitor in other countries. That’s why they looking for love abroad – they hope to find love and create a strong family.

European men’s interest in brides from Russia is growing day by day. Ladies’ beauty, kindness, gentleness can’t leave anyone cold. For finding russian women to marry man are registering on dating sites, chatting with the most beautiful, lovely brides, discover their interests and desires in order to create a family and marry faithful woman with good mentality. Thousands of single Russian ladies and European men have an opportunity of creating a family thanks to the Internet. After all, they want the same things – love, happiness and stability!

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