What is the best way for getting Russian women’s heart?

There is no universal algorithm according to which it is easy to grab the heart of a Russian woman. However, here are some tips which will help you to become that man, which is lacking in this cold and gray country with men with hearts made of stone.

The first and the most important advice is to admit your feelings. Even if you do not believe in their reciprocity. Firstly, you have nothing to lose. Secondly, if a bride is interested in you – this admission will help you. Thus, you will be able to oppose your sensitivity to Russian rough and uncouth mentality. Of course, she won’t fall in love with you immediately, but at least she will pay attention to you.

Be a man

You should commit actions of real men, and always be ready to offer your assistance. Is it that she can’t open a bottle of mineral water? Does she carry a heavy bag? Is there not enough money for a pie in the dining room? You can help her. And be persistent in that action. For example, you offered to bear the packages, and she has replied that they are not heavy. Be sure she is lying. If she is offering refund money for pie – do not take them.

Be ready to change yourself

For example, the beautiful Russian lady of your dreams loves sports and strong healthy guys, and you are a humble follower of the classical style. Tell her you are ready to become better and ask for help. For example, in the clothes choosing. If a girl is not a fool, she will appreciate it. And, by the way, you don’t have to change. Sometimes only a desire to change is enough to impress her. a

Sweet little things

You can leave a bag of candies in a pocket of her coat or a pretty flower anywhere. It is playing a big role. It is especially cool to emphasize girl’s hobbies. For example, she loves marmalade – it is the first thing she should find in her pocket.

Do not lose yourself

Do not forget that you are a unique individual. You should not agree with everything she talks about. If your points of view are absolutely irreconcilable – then do not consider such topics.

Be decent

Try to be different from the local population. Thus, you can show to the girl your best character traits, which are different from that of local rude men. It is not necessary to abuse and tell vulgar jokes (even if she uses bad words in her speech).

Adhere to the advice mentioned above and you have a good chances to grab her heart. But be careful, you can meet more than one single lady.

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