What do russian women see in western men

What do russian women see in western men: What attracts the Russian Brides?

Statistics Are Telling

While it is true that many Russian women find Western males attractive, the good looks of a man is hardly reason for so many women to become Russian brides each year. Considering the fact that a relationship between a Russian female and a Western male is formed while “dating” online and the couple works through all of the challenges that a distance relationship has to eventually take a vow in marriage, it goes without saying that a Russian lady sees far more in the American male than just ordinary good looks. Remember, she is uprooting her life and moving into a new culture with unfamiliar social norms so she can be with the Western man she has fallen for; so, just what is it this beautiful and pretty Russian lady single sees in her guy when she first finds and meets him?

The ratio of men to women in a country like Russia is about 88 men to every 100 women. That means there is a 12 percent gap leaving more women with fewer men. This gap is not really evident in the early years either. Statistics from 2015 are telling and reveal the following:

  • During the years spanning ages 0 to 14, which is an age group belonging to 16.68% of the entire population of Russia, there are 11,556,764 girls to 12,204,992 boys. At this age, there are nearly 650,000 more boys than girls.
  • Within the age group from 15 to 24, which is comprised of about 10.15% of the entire population, there are 7,064,040 females compared to 7,393,188 males. That means there are about 300,000 more men than women in this age group.
  • However, the numbers take a significant shift in the age group from 25 to 54, a group, that is about 45.5% of the population – Here, there are 33,086,346 females and only 31,779,688 men, which is a difference of 1,309,658 women to men! In later age groups the gap continues to grow with far more women than men.

What Do All Those Numbers Mean?

Essentially, what this means is the Russian female seeks men outside of the country because there are fewer men within the age grouping of her preference – typically, Russian women like older males because they have matured and are ready for a family. The average age of motherhood where one has her first child is 24.6 years of age. The average female in Russia goes to school for about 15 years, and by the time she is 24, she is ready for the workforce. Content to work and raise a family, the issue of less availability of men leaves some Russian girls fearing spinsterhood – This, in turn makes her quite a willing bride!

The appeal of the Western male, especially the older more mature male, is the notion that they can provide a good life a family with children. Of course, good looks are definitely a plus, but a Russian woman wants to find and meet a real mature, intelligent mate and provider, first and foremost.

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