The first thing you should know about the best way to make a conquest of a girl in Russia is that there are two proper things used to make her fall in love with you – flowers and compliments. Compliments usually contain word “girl”. In Russian word woman sounds like “devushka” (if she is young) or “jenshina” (if she is mature).

When making a compliment one should describe one’s beauty in details. Talk about her eyes, body (in a good way, though), face, hair. Do not forget to say that her clothes suit her – it is very important, as it takes plenty of time for women to choose clothes to wear. It will be a crime to ignore her new haircut at the moment you met – it is very hard for women to make changes in one’s appearance, so they feel very insecure at that moment and it is essential to feel support from the partner.

Once you are doing something together, it is a good idea to tell her she is doing it well. Be supportive and patient, otherwise your beloved one will feel vulnerable and unconfident. However, do not overdo with compliments – it may harm your relationships, as your girlfriend will think you are not being sincere.

At last, try to be picturesque and be unpredictable.

What to Say in Russian for Women?

Remember these phrases:

  • “ti takaia krasivaia” – you are so beautiful;
  • “mne ochen’ horosho s toboi” – I feel so comfortable with you
  • “ia rad chto mi vmeste” – I am glad we are together

These are some of the most popular phrases one should know. The most common word for beautiful Russian women is “krasivaia” (“beautiful”). Although, women got used to be called beautiful, it is a good idea to use this word for you, as you are a foreigner. And Slavic girl will be surprised to hear such a word from you, especially if you do not know Russian.

The synonyms for this word are “prekrasnaia”, “simpatichnaia”, “velikolepnaia” and others. Use those as often as you can, although the second word should be used carefully, as it means just having a good appearance and though should be used towards your girlfriend’s friends.

How to Use Russian language to Stay with slavic woman?

Consider the fact that it is not easy to live in Russia and most of the local women, even the beautiful ones are suffering insufficient amount of attention from men. So using her native language will please her much as it is obvious you’ve done this to make her happy and it is also unpredictable which is highly valued by Slavic women. At last, it should be said that it is easier to find a Russian word for pretty woman than to use it in a right way.

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