Wedding with russian bride – five tips for foreigners

Every relationship demand hard work to last. Marriage with lady from Russia is able to make a male happy if he is wise enough to appreciate his fortune. Here we will find out what personal traits are valuable in married men and what guys have great chances of conquering a Russian lady’s heart while dating.

What Russian ladies are looking for in future husband?

Every lady wishes to hear words of love from the man she is about to marry. What to say to Russian women on the wedding ceremony how to show her that she is the only one?

Wedding with russian bride - five tips for foreigners
Wedding with russian bride – five tips for foreigners

The best way to become a perfect husband to your young wife is to understand what she values the most in men. Any girl is looking for a faithful and loving partner and the main traits that women want their men to have:

⦁    Dependability – every girl wants to rely on her man completely and to trust him;
⦁    Fatherliness – as a wife considers her husband to become the father of her future children and expects the man to be reliable and kind. Russian lady is dreaming of a big family and s hoping that her husband shares her dream;
⦁    Faithfulness one of the main personal qualities that women respect the most;
⦁    Financial stability. Russian women consider men to be the leaders in the family life and therefore a married man with children must be able to provide his family with everything essential.

These are personal traits Slavic ladies cherish the most and wish their husbands to have.

Attractive features of foreign men

Most of the women are looking for features that they find attractive and when they observe them in a man they can’t resist as find him alluring and irresistible:

⦁    Sense of humor. Women love men who are able to make them forget about all troubles they faced during the day. It is a real pleasure to be able to relax in a company of a cute and funny guy;
⦁    Intelligence as a good meaningful conversation also matters. A man who is able to give an advice is a real pleasure. Good looks is also important but at the end of the day you want to enjoy a good talk with your partner and his intelligence of greater importance;

Wedding with russian bride - five tips for foreigners
Wedding with russian bride – five tips for foreigners

⦁    Passion in life. It is great when man is not obsessed with one woman and have his own world with hobbies and interests;
⦁    Confidence but not arrogance. Man must be secure in his own skin and be able to handle stressful situations;
⦁    Romancing. No matter how long have you been dating – Russian lady still wants to feel butterflies when a man kisses her. Beautiful Russian wife wants flowers, romantic dinners with candles, and long walks on the beach. All these small gestures will deepen your intimate bond.



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