Want to Visit Russian Bride Follow These Steps

Want to Visit Russian Bride Follow These Steps

Guide to Traveling to Russia for Love

So, you took the time to find and meet pretty Russian women online and you’ve found one lady single out of many hopeful Russian brides that could make a wonderful wife!  You enjoyed dating and are ready to move onto the serious phase toward possible marriage – Congratulations! You are going to want to travel to Russia to meet your Russian lady friend her parents, siblings, and any other women friends in her family in person.  You are excited about your first possible face-to-face meeting with your beautiful Russian female friend and you can’t want to get the planning process started.  In fact, the sooner the better.

What to Expect

Now is the time to get down to some real trip planning. You have to get a Visa to enter into Russia.  The easiest to get is a tourist Visa.  If possible, have your female Russian friend meet you at the airport so you can be picked up.  Book a hotel nearby your future bride’s home for ease of access if possible.  The moment you arrive in Russia you have to go to the authorities and register – if you are booked at a hotel the hotel administrators will register you.

Things to Remember

Long before you plan your trip hopefully you started learning a bit of the Russian language. At minimum, you should know the Russian alphabet so you can read signage while you visit the city where your love interest resides. You can also invest in an electronic talking translator – the tool might prove helpful in some conversations.
It is best to plan a trip to the country during the summer months from the month of June until the end of August that is unless you enjoy the cold, because Russia is known for its extremely cold winter months and subzero outdoor temperatures. It may rain during the summer time so make sure you pack accordingly.

  • Russia has many wonderful sites to see so you will want to plan an itinerary so you can squeeze in some site seeing time during your visit. You can mingle date time with some site seeing, dining, and shopping.
  • Make sure you have extra cash on hand, traveler’s checks, and several different types of credit cards for some shopping while you are in Russia. Any cash you bring with you has to be converted at a legal exchange only within Russia. Make sure you familiarize yourself with customs and what you can bring home on the plane with you.
  • Bring a warm jacket and some sweaters with you. When in doubt, ask your Russian female friend what the weather is like and what you should pack – It should be a fun conversation since you will both be so excited about the trip! Bring enough clothing that you will have clean attire the entire trip. When in Russia, pick up some laundry detergent so you can hand wash your dirty clothes or put them in linen bag and wash them upon your return.



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