Ukrainian women’s dressing: trends, preferences and realities

A common belief

There is a widespread belief that women do not dress for themselves and not even for the male population. The main objective of this act of visual magnetism is for the Ukrainian brides is the other women. It is difficult to disagree with that fact, observing Ukrainian women who are wake in a hurry every morning to work five days a week. Undoubtedly Ukrainian ladies are very beautiful, natural and hardworking. Unfortunately there is a huge mental abyss between Western and Ukrainian women in knowing of what the real well-groomed lady is. Neat manicure, clean hair, make-up at least, a drop of perfume.

Ukrainian women are eager to find sexy, catchy, and bright elements in today’s fashion trends. In Ukraine, to see a woman in high heels and bright makeup in a public transport is rather common. Besides too candid civil servant’s or office employee’s outfit does not surprise anyone. They dress to stand out. Ukrainian women always strive to be ahead of the rest. Even those who can afford to travel around Europe, mainly adhere to the following principles: implicitly follow the advice of fashion critics, giving preference to branded clothes.

As you know, you can collect personal wardrobe of the popular trends, but the result may leave much to be desired. Ukrainian women look stylish thanks to their individuality without any need for blind imitation of the fashion trends.

Another feature of the Ukrainian fashion is a fundamental difference between the residents of the capital, big cities, and the inhabitants of the provinces. Gentlemen, don’t you even think that Ukrainian women living in small towns and villages are not well-educated or that they lack a sense of style. There are several differences and they are as follows. First of all, it’s where women buy their clothes (market, mall or branded boutique). And secondly do the desires coincide with the opportunities to buy such things?

Interesting tendencies

We should pay tribute to the Ukrainian single ladies who are the only ones in the world to adhere to the uncompromising rule:”Eat less so that you could dress”! Although it becomes more difficult to realize this principle in the realities of Ukrainian life. Purchase milk for the child or buy new shoes? When such a selection ceases, Ukrainian woman will certainly choose the first one. It is worth to mention that buying clothes is not the most significant item in the list of expenses of Ukrainians today. Despite all the difficulties, Ukrainian beauties try to look stylish and attractive. Therefore, the return to the native roots and traditions can be noted as a positive trend in Ukrainian fashion industry. The national costumes and accessories with elements of Ukrainian ethnicity are actually rather common among the fair sex. Long live Ukrainian women’s style!

Ukrainian women’s dressing: trends, preferences and realities
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Ukrainian women’s dressing: trends, preferences and realities
We are exploring the philosophy of fashion style of Ukrainian ladies. What is it that they value when looks and clothes are concerned? Let's find out.

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