Personality traits of Russian women are quite different from those of Western women. Of course quality of these personal traits also depends on living conditions and on part of the country they are residing in: whether it is a village where ladies tend to be more hard-working and family-oriented or a city where women are better educated, sophisticated and more career-conscious. Every one of them appreciates true family values and they aren’t opposed to have children.

Personal qualities of Russian ladies

Russian ladies are psychologically stronger than women from Western Europe or United States. They are prepared for real life conditions and are not spoiled by benefits of modern society. These pretty girls aren’t afraid of hard work for a greater purpose.

These beauties are deeply faithful so at the time you will acquire a loyal friend with whom it is possible to share intimate secrets. Also we should mention creativity as one of the leading qualities: one will never bore around this girl. She loves drawing, swimming, traveling with friends or simply chatting over a cup of coffee. Any man will obtain a lot of new friends and discover new ways of spending leisure time.

Typical women from Ukraine are extremely amicable. Be prepared to have many new acquaintances, to attend parties, friends picnics and family reunions. But don’t be alarmed by this behavior, Ukrainian girls are not all about noisy parties; of course they love silence as well. They do understand that sometimes it is better to have face-to-face conversation with a close friend or beloved husband. They are committed to a lasting bond with the only suitable man who will make a woman to feel herself desired, loved and respected.

Personality traits of these women also include intelligence. Almost every girl in Ukraine or Russia graduated from University or college. Besides, these ladies dedicate a lot of time to self-education and self-improvement. They are curious about the world they live in and want to enhance their knowledge with every opportunity they will get.

Physical beauty of Ukrainian and Russian girls

Typical women from Russia and Ukraine are naturally beautiful. These ladies are very active and never spend their time in vain. Pretty Ukrainian girls are doing everything they can to improve their attractiveness. Mostly slim with high cheek bones, long hair and blue eyes they are always in the center of attention.

Physical characteristics of Russian typical women are quite impressive – they have a great stamina and will make great mothers as these ladies are very energetic and will be running around after their children. They love being an active mum and would take the kids swimming, to the park and on adventure walks.

If you are leading an active lifestyle and dreaming of a big family and house full of children and friends – Russian or Ukrainian girl will be the one to make all your dreams come true.