Traditional Russian food

Traditional Russian food

Traditional Russian food is tasty, hearty, spicy. Since ancient times it served to please the guests, satisfy homesters’ tastes and impress strangers. Anyone who tries traditional Russian food can feel that each dish oozes the breadth of the Russian soul. The diversity of the national cuisine makes people wonder how it is possible to cook so various fine meals. All you can say about foods in Russia is “It’s amazing!”

Best Russian national meals – elite, traditional and tasty like in childhood

If there were a contest for best Russian food, three prizes would be divided among:

  • Black caviar, which belongs to recognized Russian delicacies;
  • Russian borsch, belonging to traditional Russian foods
  • Pirozhki – Russian food that conquered millions hearts.

These Russian dishes are real winners in comparison to any others. It tastes great! An interesting thing is that only Russians are skilled enough to cook meals mentioned above. Although any person may take an effort to re-cook a dish, its taste would differ from original meals.

Black sturgeon caviar is a luxurious natural but genuinely rare delicacy. It was a special dish for royal dinners in times of Tsar Russia. Today it is available exceptionally in menus of elite restaurants. Black caviar is produced from fish living in the pristine rivers of northern Russia. This fact explains high prices for black caviar even when compared with red one.

Russian borsch is a beloved food among people of any age and sex. It is a sour-tasting soup containing lots of components, which makes it rather complicated. Obligatory traditional ingredients for borsch are beetroots (due to this vegetable borsch gets distinctive red colours), meat (beef, pork or lard), potatoes, onions, carrots, celeriac, mushrooms, cabbages, tomato paste, parsley. It is served with sour cream and strong spices.

Pirozhki are associated with grandmothers’ culinary. That’s why they turn more delicious than they are in reality. Anyway, pirozhki are worth eating with tea or milk. They may have sweet or salted filling.

Five Traditional Russian soups known not only in Russia

Such a dish as soup takes a special place in Russian cuisine. There are many variants of it. National favourite soups are okroshka, shchi, ukha, rassolnik and solyanka. By the way, these kinds are admired by foreign gourmets as well. Foreigners order these five dishes more often than any other foods.

  • Okroshka soup is served cold. All ingredients are crumbled into small pieces. The culinary technique of crumbling is reflected in naming. In Russian ‘crumble’ is pronounced ‘kroshyt’. Classic okroshkas should mix raw and boiled components. Such vegetables as cucumbers, radishes and spring onions go raw. Potatoes are traditionally boiled. Eggs and any kind of meat are obligatory according to the recipe. This soup becomes okroshka when it is cooked with kvas, a non-alcoholic beverage made from fermented rye bread.
  • Russian shchi. There are two kinds of shchi soup – sour and green shchi. Sour shchi contains sauerkraut. Green shchi cannot be thought about without green plants like spinach or nettle. It is usually garnished with sour cream.
  • Ukha. This is a fish soup. Sturgeon, wels catfish, salmon, bream, cod, ruffe, pike go perfect with root vegetables, leek and potatoes. It is very healthy and hearty food. Eating traditional ukha once, you’ll love it forever!
  • Rassolnik is of great popularity in Russia. All traditional ingredients are rather unusual. Mix of beef kidneys, pickled cucumbers and pearl barley makes rassolnik a genuinely delicious food. Rassolnik reminds about childhood. Its taste is impossible to forget.
  • Solyanka. Visiting Russia is not real, if you did not eat solyanka. It is always cooked with pickled cucumbers, meat and mushrooms. Sometimes fish is used instead of meat. Kitchen herbs like allspice complete the taste of this soup.

Russian cuisine is amazingly interesting and extraordinary. It impresses with a variety of tastes, colours, ingredients. Just try traditional Russian food! One spoon is enough to fall in love with it for the rest of the life.

The most popular Traditional Russian food
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The most popular Traditional Russian food
Traditional Russian food is healthy, hearty and delicious. Find out what five soups are popular not only in Russia but in other countries as well. Elite foods

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