TOP Mistakes Men Make When Dating Russian Women

Dating Russian Women – What Mistakes You Can Make

When you are embarking on a cross cultural relationship with a lovely Russian girl, there are a lot of snags you can encounter along the way.  Dating women from Russia is an exercise in patience sometimes, but men will find Russian singles dating beyond enticing.  Once a man learns how to date Russian women he’ll never look back and he’ll wonder why he waited so long to pursue the idea.  Still, there will be things the male must learn to avoid mistakes along the path.

Not Doing Your Homework

Yes, you heard it all through elementary school, junior high, high school, and maybe even college courses – if don’t do your homework then no one will give chase, but what will happen as a result is all on you.  If you don’t do the necessary research to find out everything you need to about marriage agency website, don’t be surprised if things don’t work out in the long run.  When you are considering dating a Russian woman, you have to be your own advocate and you need to take measures to protect yourself from potential scams.  In order to do that, consider doing the following research and it will help you avoid one of the biggest mistakes men make when attempting to date Russian women:

⦁    Make sure you examine the reputation of the site you are working with and see if the site offers any kind of fraud filters.
⦁    Learn everything you can about the culture, history, language, geography, and demographics of the country so you can communicate from a level of full understanding.
⦁    Examine profiles and make sure they don’t all look the same, share the same mistakes again and again or there are no noticeable patterns of repetition in the profile information.  Look to the photos to assess if they seem genuine or not.  Do a Google Image search to see if the image crops up somewhere else on the Internet.

Falling in Love Way Too Fast

So you’ve read every word of her profile (15 times now) and her photographs are beyond stunning.  Your heart beats faster every time you look at her and you think “I’m in love.” Think again – what you are is infatuated with an image, excited, and eager to meet the real individual behind it all, but if you haven’t even spoken with her or even if you’ve had a whole two full conversations, you aren’t in love – not yet and don’t be in a rush to do so.  Love will come when it is time and there is no point in rushing it ….Kick back and enjoy the ride instead.

Making Assumptions Instead of Questioning

Don’t assume that every Russian female on a marriage site is looking for dating, marriage, and family life.  There are thousands of women you can meet all of them with their own individual needs.  The best way to avoid issues is to be right up front and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.  By posing a few questions early on, you will know if you are both really looking for the same thing.


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