To meet a single Russian woman is easy, but is it enough to be happy

To meet a single Russian woman is easy, but is it enough to be happy

Single Russian women: does every lady aspire to become a bride?

The single girl is not always happy, but some manage to live relatively full life, without attempting to make a family. What is the reason? Is it really possible to do careerism passionately, without regard to the relationship?

Today a woman can be quite a self-sufficient person, completely provide and take care of herself and, at the same time, actively develop her personality. Speaking about intimate relations, in fact, it does not necessarily involve the family. But is it enough? In today’s world it is not uncommon to hear a story a handsome guy want to meet a woman, and not because he considers her as an object of satisfying his sexual needs, but because he wants to see a lady in a role of the bride and wife. However, he gets a denial which is quite convincing. Why women reject them even pleasant men? Let’s look deeper into the problem.

The main reasons of Russian beauties’ loneliness

1. In spite depravity had been widespread at all times, now it has become really blatant. Surprisingly, however, a huge amount of sex shops on every corner, and early sex, does not take away the fear. What exactly? Fear of intimacy. Behind all these masks and finely processed photos to Facebook, people feel very vulnerable. And ladies have suffered as well. Some people are afraid of quiet pragmatic and understandable things: being used, “one-timed” and betrayed. However, many fears are justified: they already had a deplorable experience which makes them wary of any guy, even after years of dating, and even living together, she could still keep her seemly second half at a safe distance. As a result, it leads to a break, and she becomes “officially” single, once again making sure the relationship is not for her. Finally, the third category, which includes all ladies-dreamers, who imagined the perfect companion so many times so she gets hyper-responsibility-syndrome and it seems everything goes wrong.

2. Because the fact that the divorce rate is now greater than ever before, many ladies deny the phenomenon of the family itself, because according to them, and she has never seen it before. Everyone is around cussing and cheating. They do not see the point. This is especially true of girls, whose parents created very persistent unpleasant associations. Marital happiness to them is nothing more than fiction and fairy tale.

If the father of a girl once was a bad dad to her and terrible husband to the mother, then it will be very difficult to perceive men in general, because she is will see and seek a reflection of the father in them. If such single girl, even decides to make a desperate step and say signs in on a dating site she will have very inflated expectations. Even if a man will carefully search single Russian brides and get acquainted with such lady, after the first of his error, it will wait for the next contender to the role of the husband. After a couple of these, as she thinks, failed attempts, the disappointment has often strengthened and a few years later, she begins to think of ways to try to gay relationships. Maybe it will bring Russian lady what she was deprived all these years. And many, by the way, really become happier. It becomes easier to see the good qualities in a woman and accept all shortcomings, because they are much noticeable in a man. And the man himself becomes the embodiment of the shortcomings in her eyes.

3. The pursuit of the ideal. It is hard to admit, but sometimes the cause of this phenomenon is a happy family. At first glance, it is fine. But people are so paradoxical that even a perfect parental example can lead to negative consequences. The reason lies in the fact that a girl growing up in a near-perfect family, the threshold of expectations is too high, which again leads to frustration and the separation from the world.

Advice for men

Do you want to meet with an attractive and clever, but single Russian bride? Begin to improve yourself. Develop and do not stop. This is the only way to not only reassure the disappointed girls that a happy relationship is possible to build, but the only way to become ready to have a relationship. Exercise, read at least 1-2 books on the relationship psychology, but before this, carefully read the author’s biography. It is important that the person to whose advice you listen, was happy and you would like to be alike. We wish you to be self-confident and excite a desire to not only search a suitable partner, but to be a suitable one.

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