Tips for dating Russian women


What ladies are looking for in men?

Any one of us once or twice in a lifetime experienced a disappointment after the first date: an awkward silence and lack of common interests may spoil any mood. Whether you were too shy or it was a hard day and you didn’t know how to make conversation more fluent and the date turned out to be a failure. Here we will tell you what women want and expect of men and give dating a Russian woman tips.

Almost every man from time to time asks himself a question – what Russian women want? The answer is simple: any girl is looking for a devoted, faithful and loving man. But nowadays many ladies have different intentions apart from a family, here some women facts:

  • Financial stability is a vital question and women tend to choose more successful man over a cute boy. Therefore often ladies are looking for someone who will make their life easier and upgrades quality of life;
  • Some ladies are just having fun combining it with education or a career;
  • Many young women put their professional achievements first and dating is just a way to relax;
  • It is important to understand that there are a lot of frauds online and in real life and act carefully when starting a correspondence with new woman or dating Russian girl;
  • Many ladies are dreaming about leaving their country and to move to Europe or US and they see a foreigner as their chance to escape;
  • And, finally, there are girls interested in finding a soul mate and in starting a family with him.

Before meeting in real life try to find out more about the person herself: her interests and hobbies, where she works and what does for fun. With all this information it will be easier for both of you on your first meeting as you will now whether you suit each other and have something in common.

Suggestions for creating a memorable first date

First date should be about learning your lady friend better: her basic desires, plans for the future.

When you finally have found a girl of your dreams and planning a first meeting don’t forget these few tips:

  • Don’t be late and bring flowers;
  • Russian girls look like angels so you must be elegant as well;
  • Choose  a place with intimate atmosphere where nothing will distract you;
  • Be attentive and listen to her, show your interest in her life.

If she is easy to talk to and easy on the eye you will feel yourself more relaxed. Effortless conversation is a good sign it means that you are both equally comfortable with each other.

Don’t wait until an opportunity will present itself – show initiative and interest in your lady, prove that you love Russian women.

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