Things You Can Do to Keep Russian Women Impressed

Things you can do to keep Russian Women impressed

How to Impress a Russian Woman

It is not at all surprising when a Western male finds himself wondering how he can impress Russian women interested in dating and marriage, especially if he is trying to get one to be his future bride. American and Russian cultures certainly differ, so a man has good sense to wonder what might impress one of many hopeful Russian brides. What the Western male needs to keep in mind at all times, if he is to be at all successful in impressing a Russian lady, is that Russian women are not only beautiful, but they are pretty smart too—this means don’t try to pull the wool over their eyes by being insincere or inauthentic. Russian women are smarter than that and if a female has gone online to look for the potential love of her life she knows what she wants and doesn’t want when she’s seeking to find and meet a real man – if you are insincere she’ll kick you to the curb and move on just like that.

Things to Consider

There are some basic things that will impress a lady single from Russia when you first find her and meet her, and these same fundamental traits will continue to impress throughout the relationship:

  1. A warm, friendly, sincere smile
  2. A fantastic sense of humor
  3. Ambition and Tenacity
  4. Kindness and gentlemanly behaviors

When meeting women online, you can convey your sense of humor in your communications with her via email and chat. Share photos of yourself with that terrific smile, and always behave in a respectable way whenever you communicate with one another. These small gestures go a long way to impress your lady friend.

Other Things You Can Do to Impress Her

  • Respect Her Mind: A Russian female goes to school and college: She is highly educated and wise. Always respect her mind and be open to her opinions.
  • Respect Her Traditions: Find out about her culture and family traditions. Learn what certain traditions mean: Traditions make for great discussions between the two of you.
  • Learn About Her Values: Find out what she values and why. Asking her what she valves will show you really care about what she cares about.
  • Respect Her Independence: She may be a wonderful girlfriend, fiancée, wife, and mother, but she will always want some independence: Respect this and she will be yours forever.
  • Treat Her as an Equal: Never treat her as a subservient. She is your equal in the relationship and should be treated as such.
  • Cherish Her: Remember special occasions – the first time you connected, your first email, your first chat session, your first phone conversation, the first time you meet in person, your anniversaries, and of course her birthday. If you are bad at remembering than write it all down. You can send just a greeting card or a virtual card in honor of special occasions and she will be really impressed that you remembered. She will feel cherished beyond all measures.

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