Surfing through the Internet it is possible to find thousands of articles about Russians, their culture and traditions, lifestyle and character. Some bear stamp of truth (though have nothing in common with real facts), others are far away from the straight as it is possible. A lot is said about enigmatic Russian soul that attracts attention of admirers of the unknown. Plus, it is hard to find a man who has not heard about beauty of women from this country. This article will help you to pick the wheat from the chaff and create a picture of a real lady who lives in this great country.

Common delusions about Russian brides

  1. She is more than happy to be a housewife as she doesn’t have any career aspirations. Vast majority of American men, visiting untrustworthy dating sites and looking through the profiles of maidens from the Eastern Europe imagine a person who is especially created to satisfy all their needs and wishes, take care of children and be obedient. However, this statement is a truth about Russian mail order brides only (in addition, it will work during the communication process only, so when the time comes to meet the chosen one in person, men, in majority of cases are unpleasantly surprised by the mismatch of words and deeds)
  2. All girls there are beautiful. Surprisingly enough, many travelers indeed confirm – in general women from former Soviet republics are more attractive than Americans or Europeans. Of course, it is impossible to say that namely all girls look amazing, though on the whole it is so.
  3. Brides cannot adapt to the Western lifestyle. Some people accuse Russians in lack of wish to learn English or they have no idea how to use credit cards or are afraid to drive a car so there is no chance for them to get a driver license. Fortunately, we are talking about maidens of the 21st century – today it is hard to find the one without a university degree or who haven’t seen an ATM. More than that, truth about Russian women is that they are educated and smart and by and large they can speak English as it is studied in all schools and higher educational establishments.

Why Russian brides want to marry a foreigner?

With fall of the Iron Curtain and development of the Internet dating many girls from post-Soviet territory strained every nerve to find their love beyond the borders of their native country. Downfall of the Soviet Union resulted in massive economic decline in all former republics so marriage with a man from countries outside CIS was the easiest way to avoid poverty.

However, it is wrong to believe that difficult economic situation is reason why Russian brides search a foreign husband today. Let’s not ball up the almost 30 years old day to day realities and today – do not expect any girl to treat you like a king for a roof over the warm corner and fulfilling her basic needs.

Still, among brides it is considered to be prestigious to make a match with foreigners so no wonder that there are so many profiles of girls from Eastern Europe at dating sites.

Besides, many Americans labor under a mistake that Russian brides want to marry any man from across the pond, no matter how old he is. However, this statement is far from truth either – age difference holds meaning.

The best merits of Russian brides

Taking all this into consideration, why these girls are so popular among Americans? What makes them so magnetic?

  1. They are not affected by feminism as women of the U.S. There are strong family traditions and the place of guardian of the hearth belongs to a woman – they do not dominate oven men and for the most part place family interests above theirs
  2. They mind P’s and Q’s and always look stunning
  3. One of the favorite Russian brides characteristics among foreigners is that they combine features of perfect housewife, great host and caring mother
  4. They are emotional, passionate and willing to embosom partner with warmth and care

These are only a few of best qualities of Russian ladies that men may find. Do not miss a chance to find your perfect match at the most reliable dating site and you will come up trumps!