The Pros and Cons of Dating whith Russian women

The Pros and Cons of Dating with Russian women

The Pros of The Long Distance Relationship

Every relationship has its pros and cons, but Western males, when dating a Russian lady single face unique challenges that are not present in other relationships. On top of that there are some of the regular relationship issues that crop up that one might have to deal with as well. Here we will examine some of the advantages associated with relationships that start out with a man who finds and meets his Russian lady online. We will also explore a few of the cons associated with being a Western male who is pursuing a Russian bride.

Western males appreciate Russian females as brides for a variety of reasons. First, they have traditional family values where the male works and the female tends to the home – the female maintains this role and her independence at the same time. She is not subservient and being a homemaker doesn’t destroy her confidence, it builds her up as she takes pride making a home for her husband and any children.

Western males will find pretty Russian women are respectful of the husband. These females adore men who are confident providers and leaders. It is in the male’s strength and kindnesses that the female finds her own sense of security and strength.

Russian women are willing to move from Russia to a new culture and they are immensely loyal. A male can count on being able to establish a lasting and trusting relationship with his new wife – one that will last for many years to come.

The Age Gap and Other Cons

• The attainability of a Russian woman is a lot more difficult than getting an American woman. Remember, you will be dealing with the Internet dating scene, communicating electronically, and you are a world apart – these are obstacles that have to be conquered if the relationship is going to make it.

• A language barrier is one of the big obstacles that one has to overcome. Either she has to learn English, the male has to learn Russian or both.

• A beautiful Russian female is likely to choose a male who is five to ten years older than she is. Others will choose a man that is 10 to 20 years older. The age gap is great for the female who appreciates a male who is a mature leader, but it can prove a real problem for the older male who either tires of his Russian female friend because so is far more energetic than he is. It can also be a problem if he slips into the role of “father” rather than leader of the family and spouse. The age gap can lead to cultural misunderstandings in a relationship where there are likely already cultural misunderstandings to begin with right from the start.

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