Russian women are family oriented. They put family before anything else in their life. If you are dating a Russian woman, you are a lucky man.

What you should know if you plan a child with a Russian woman

A typical Russian woman pays attention to every detail. She wants everything to be wonderful and, thus, tries to take care of many things. One of the most important things in life of a lady is her family – her husband and kids. Waiting for a baby is a very important and special moment in life for a woman, especially a Russian woman. If you are dating a girl and are about to get married, you should know that Slavic ladies pay great attention to naming their kids. It will not be a random decision. This is something a couple is considering long before a baby is born. A woman reads a lot of information about them and their meanings. In Russia people believe that when it is given to a child plays important role in his/ her life. That is why it is thoroughly chosen.

In addition to this, a woman takes into consideration the popularity of a certain name. Like in every country, there is a list of the most popular ones in Russia too. Some of these are Slavic, some are foreign and others are Russian but with foreign origin. Here are some pretty German Russian girls names:

  1. Natasha used to be one of the most popular ones in Russia among women. Now the tendency has changed a little bit but this is still a widely spread one. It is so popular that it is given to girls in America and other European countries.
  2. Aleksandra or simply Sasha means “defender of all mankind”. If a mother wants her daughter to be a strong and powerful personality, she names her Sasha. It is also very popular outside Russia.
  3. Alena is an old one. Many gorgeous women who left considerable contribution into the history of Russia were Alena. Alena means “torch” – a light to humanity. Alena is believed to be a lovely and easy going girl, who knows how to negotiate with different people and avoid conflicts. It is also believed that Alena is a good business woman.
  4. Ekaterina is another remarkable one and personality. Queen Catherine I was one of the most influential women in history of the country. During her reign the country had the strongest army. Girls with this one usually are very successful in many areas of life.

Considering that all of these have meaning, women start thinking about the right one since she gets pregnant.

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