The Five Warning Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Russian Bride

The Five Warning Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Russian Bride

Warning Sign: She’s Looking For Money Right Away

When you are looking for a Russian bride, there are definite characteristics to demand. When you are looking for the right Russian wife dating opportunities, you should demand someone who is sincere, honest, genuine, amiable, and approachable. To that end, it may become necessary for you to weed out those individuals with good characteristics from those women with the not-so-good characteristics. By following some of the Russian bride dating tips below, you will discover an easier time when you are dealing with Russian women for dating.

It is unfortunate but true; some women who are Russian are not seeking marriage but are seeking someone to be a sugar daddy or their financial provider. If you are looking for love and you encounter one of these women looking for love in all the wrong places, be forewarned. These types of women gave real Russian women a bad name making them look like they are all gold diggers, but this is not true.

Some may say that if a female asks the male to pay for everything on the first date that this is a negative sign and indicates that she is a gold digger. This is simply not the case: many women expect the mail to pamper her the first day and to pay for everything is not unusual for men to do so. The real issue arises when she starts asking for money and you do not really have a level of commitment with her. Say for example, you are chatting with her for four or five sessions and some tea she is asking you send her money. This should make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and wallet run screaming into the night. No matter how beautiful she is already demanding money, run… Run the other way fast as you can.

Warning Sign: She Forgot To Wear Her Crown

You have probably seen it before and it is a clear warning sign that you have trouble on your hands. If she is acting like the Queen of the Nile and treating you as if you should feel blessed to fall into the cast of her shadow, she is probably not the best girl for you. This is a woman who screams, “I am entitled” without saying a word. She acts as if the sun rises and sets on her shoulders and that all that gaze upon her should take into consideration her queenly status! If you have a woman who his beyond high maintenance (more like “your highness” maintenance) she is likely to be resentful, mean or even angry with those who do not fulfill her every demand… Definitely not a good person to add to your list of potential brides as this is sure to cause problems in the end.

A Blase attitude

You are going to want your future bride to be someone who is really into you – that is an obvious position. However, sometimes you may find women difficult to read, particularly those who have a good attitude to start. What happens though when this attitude shifts to a blase kind of energy? You will note that things go from hot to warm to cold quickly in this kind of situation. At first, she is into you, and then she has better things to do. Suddenly instead of being pampered with hugs and kisses, you are barraged with a hundred excuses why she has no time to spend with you. When a lack of interest crops up, it is best you be moving on to another candidate for your future bride.


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