The Facts about Russian Women

The Facts about Russian Women

It is the same all over the world; people often make assumptions about others, including in-group and out-group assumptions, and these same preconceived notions are not necessarily based in fact. Instead, people tend to generalize and apply stereotypes to groups – these results in the spread of erroneous information about the unique individuals within each group or subgroup. It is no different with women from Russia who seeks to get involved in dating and possible marriage with a Western male. There are some significant stereotypes associated with a hopeful bride from Russia. Here we will explore these myths and attempt to conquer them so you have a greater understanding about real Russian females who are seeking to find and meet their true loves online.

Here are some of the facts associated with Russian females:

Fact #1: Well-Educated: Indeed, Russian women receive a rather impressive education. When the Soviet Union was still in existence, the schooling offered to children was decent and the same system of schooling still exists today. The statistics are impressive: As much as 60 percent of all Russians end up with a college degree. Of the females who go online in search of their Prince Charming, 90 percent have degrees.

Fact #2: Mature and Responsible:  Statistics reveal a lot: age that a woman becomes a mother for the first time in Russia is 24.6 – this is young and indicates, not just a preference for family and children, but also a readiness for them. By the time women in Russia reach the age of 24, they are usually in the workforce and in an established career.

The Myths Associated with Russian Brides

Myth #1: She prefers older men instead of young men. As mentioned earlier, beautiful females from Russia cannot be described with generalizations of any kind. While it is true that some pretty Russian brides are more than happy to get involved with older men, the age differences between a female and her chosen beau differ dramatically. On average, the age gap between a Russian female and the man she has chosen is anywhere from five to 15 years time. In some cases, the males are even 10 to 20 years older. Of course, this doesn’t mean a younger man doesn’t’ stand a chance – it simply means the male will have to prove he is responsible and mature to draw the eye of a Russian lady who has posted a lady single advert.

Myth #2: She is not serious about a relationship and she is in it for the money. This myth could not be further from the truth. Consider the fact that a Russian female will have to up and relocate to be with a Western male – this means she is leaving behind everything she has ever known and her family as well as her circle of friends just to be with him. While a Russian female appreciates a man who can be a provider, a man’s financial status is not the only factor that goes into her selection of a mate.

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