Tall Russian women


What makes a man interested about a woman? We know that men have different tastes; some prefer curvy petite ladies with long hair and white skin while others are fond of tall Russian girls with slender bodies and short haircuts. But when it comes to love we tend to pick someone who makes us feel loved, special and comfortable to be together. And appearance doesn’t influence the ability to love as first of all we are looking for a soul mate and someone to share a whole life with.

Tall Slavic beauty and her preferences

Not very often one may witness a couple where a woman is taller than her partner. Usually girls tend to look for someone higher, and sometimes it is very hard to find a man suitable by the height. Men love all women while height preferences are largely coming from women as they consider taller man more masculine and stronger. The tallest Russian women still have the same dreams and wishes as the rest of the ladies in other countries.

Benefits of tall Russian women:

  • Clothes are looking better when on a tall woman;
  • These girls are easy to notice;
  • Extra weight is not attracting so much attention.

The only disadvantage that comes to mind is wearing high heels is not desirable for tall women as they seem to be gigantic comparing to ordinary people.

Tall Russian brides are addressing dating agencies as well as their shorter counterparts with the hope of finding a suitable man who will be ready and mature enough for family life and they are having the same love issues like unrequited love or unfaithfulness of a loved one.

The typical appearance and personal traits of Russian girls

Russia is a multinational country and it occupies a vast territory, therefore types of appearance may vary but all ladies are very attractive. Still it is easy to recognize someone of a Slavic type as all of them have pretty distinct features. Sometimes by the nose or color and shape of the eyes it is possible to recognize Russian women.

Due to their active lifestyle, the majority of ladies from Eastern Europe are slim and average in height, tall women are in minority. Many of attractive ladies have blue or gray eyes and light brown hair, one may call them blondes.

Personal qualities are diverse but mostly positive as these girls have optimistic attitude towards life and are respectful towards each other. There is a strong bond between children and parents in Slavic countries so if your bride has parents in Russia be prepared to visit them as often as possible. These gorgeous girls are expecting respectful and caring attitude towards their needs and aspirations in life. For most of them it is stable and strong family and feeling of safety with a chosen man.

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