Style of Russian ladies

Those men, who have been to Russia, will definitely confirm that Russian ladies are not only naturally beautiful but also have a good sense of style. You will hardly see a typical American woman wearing high heels the whole day long but a typical Russian lady will do everything to look brilliant all the time, even if it means to sacrifice comfort. No wonder that so many men would like to have a woman like that – she will always make your proud of being with such a gorgeous lady.

So what is the style of Russian ladies?

Looking good does not always mean spending too much money on clothes, cosmetics and stylists. Most Slavic girls have inner sense of good style. They know how to underline their beauty spots and how to hide slight defects.

  1. Despite the fact that pants and jeans are very comfy items of clothes, they do not make a woman look like a woman. Most girls in Russia love dresses of different styles and colours. A dress always makes a woman look like a real woman – womanish, attractive and sexy. Knee-lenth dresses are popular among ladies who work in offices and dress officially. Short dresses are a popular choice for a cocktail party or a dinner in a restaurant.
  2. Skirts are the next most popular item in the list of clothes that make women womanlike and stunning. Let’s be honest that a girl wearing a dress or a nice skirt with a blouse always looks much more attractive than a woman wearing jeans. It is simply all about the style.
  3. High heels. A pair of high heeled shoes is a perfect addition to a skirt or a dress. Plenty of men confess that they like women wearing high heels and always pay attention to their shoes. In other words, good quality shoes are also very important item that should be taken into consideration when creating a stylish image.
  4. Ladies Russian style coat is another story. Fur coats are very popular in Russia and are believed to be a very expensive item of clothes. At the same time in Europe and America most women do not wear fur coats as there is strong animal protection movement. A woman wearing a fur coat can be poured over with paint on her coat in a public place. In Russia similar movements and organizations are not so active on a state level and women feel free to wear what they want.
  5. Perfumes are not clothes, but they are also very important for girls in Russia. Slavic ladies believe that perfumes, just like good shoes, are important additions for a perfect image completion. There are a lot of fragrances that allure and attract men.

Most women are deeply convinced that creating the right image is the key to winning a man’s heart. That is why they spend sacrifice comfort in order to look amazing any time.

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