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Stereotypes about Russian Women, in Which You Shouldn’t Believe

Nowadays, there are certain stereotypes about different people, and not always such believes correspond to reality. When it comes to this country, foreigners tend to associate the country with vodka, balalaika, bear, and beautiful Russian girls who always wear mini-skirts and high heels. They smile when they hear such things since they are far from being true. So let’s talk in detail what funny misconceptions and stereotypes about Russian women foreigners have.

Russians and vodka

The first false fact is that they drink vodka 24 hours a day. And this applies to both the male and female population. So if you suddenly begin a relationship with a foreigner, it is necessary from the very beginning to discuss this issue and convince him of the falsity of this stereotype. Stereotypes about Russian Women, in Which You Shouldn’t Believe


Another inaccurate fact is that Slavic girls are proficient cooks. Although the popular majority of Slavic women know how to cook from early childhood, it should be noted that not all of them like this activity. They can prepare you tasty breakfast and dinner; however, this doesn’t mean they are ready to do this every day.


The third erroneous opinion is that all Russian aspire to go abroad. Maybe you will be surprised, but not everyone wants to leave their homeland, the place where all their relatives and friends reside. It is very difficult to move to a place where you know no one, where people with different mentality live. However, foreigners are quite sure that there can be no disgruntled remarks towards their country.


The next wrong stereotype is disgusting behavior of there people, their bad manners and rudeness. This misconception is associated with how Russians behave on foreign resorts, and this fact is partly true. It sometimes happens that when on a vacation, people lose self-control and forget about any prohibitions and restrictions; however, at home, they behave differently.


Another common opinion is related to the beauty of Slavic ladies. The popular majority of foreigners believe that all Slavic girls are just pretty like Anna Kournikova, and that when coming from this country, they get on the podium. In fact, it is true that there are a lot of beautiful women in Russia, but this doesn’t mean that there is no ugly face. Also, residents of developed countries believe that this country is a nation of poor people, and that girls are ready to leave their nation under any circumstances. That is why many foreigners are trying to use girls for their evil purposes. But women also learned to distinguish between men who came to play and those who search for a serious relationship. Despite their natural desire to find a better life abroad, Slavic girls will never allow anyone to use them.

All in all, before dating with Russian women, we strongly advise you to learn more about their culture and life. Forget about stereotypes. The only way to know a person is to talk to her, ask questions, and receive answers you need.

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