Some Tips & Tricks and Internet Dating Advice for First Message to Russian Women

Internet dating advice first message to Russian women: One of the most important rules in this regard is to know exactly what you are going to say. Good online dating messages are preplanned, shaped into meaningful messages, and the delivery of first online date with Russian bride hopefuls is equally important. The way you present what you are going to say is just as important as the words you share. Below you will find some tips on how to express yourself in a way that is respectful and memorable.

Remain on the Up and Up

Be as straightforward and honest in your communications as possible. You will find Russian women demand a certain level of straightforwardness whenever they talk or converse or communicate with anyone. They read into things, think critically, and will analyze what you write and say. This means that if you are not genuine and on the up and up, she’s likely to catch on. She may not call you on it, but she will move on to other more honest and since candidates. Don’t blow your chances with a Slavic beauty because of dishonesty. Be straight up about who you are, where you are from, your status in life, and all the information you share.

Take Charge of Communications

Remain in the lead with communications. A Slavic female approves of men who take charge or the lead and who make the first move so to speak. Be straightforward and send clear communications via email, chat sessions, or in Skype message systems and video chats. Just remember that Slavic females like men who are ambitious, strong, straightforward, honest, and who take the lead, but in no way does that mean they will acquiesce to behavior that is aggressive, rude, rough, trite, or unfriendly. Keep the energies positive between you and your lady friend. Make sure you take the time to think about the things before you say them or write them down. Words have a lasting power and in a long distance relationship they are more powerful than you know.

Be Romantic in Your Communications

Whenever you connect your Russian lady friend, be sweet – this can come across as romantic and charming. Ask her about her day when she least expects it, or wish her a good morning. Short but sweet emails can make all the difference in the world and she may very well carry that energy with her throughout the day. Take notes on what is important to her as you learn them. Get a little memo pad and jot things down so you remember – the extra effort will pay off. For example, if she mentions her favorite color is purple, she loves irises and baby’s breath flowers, or she talks about her favorite literature, be sure to either bring it up in a conversation later on or send her a gift shaped around her favorite things. Mention in the note you remembered her favorite things and she will well receive your gift.

Use this tips and her heart will be yours in no time.

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