Single Russian bride. What is the reason of their loneliness

Single Russian bride. What is the reason of their loneliness

Loneliness as a national misfortune

Why our Russian brides are single, unhappy, and unloved? So desperate, invitingly look around, dress up each time and use all their charms? It is so sad to see that! How disappointing, unjust and cruel it is! And this in a country where some of the most beautiful women in the world live, coping with many things better than men.

The main topics of conversation at a bachelorette party involve men. How to attract, where to find the prince and when it could happen. From year to year it is so. All the same wishes for a huge, genuine love for my birthday: the 25th, 30th, 40th … and with every year it is more and more unbearable to listen to them.

Moral troubles

And it is not just a personal problem, or problem of women’s fate, but also the problem of the moral order. Indeed, in conditions of competition and the fight for male attention, people show qualities far from their good ones. The law of the jungle and principle “in war all means are good” works very often. During peace time, war is good too: for bit of happiness, even at the cost of destruction of someone else’s family.
And with all their good qualities Russian male order bride simply lose face, lose their dignity. If you have a husband – it is not a shame, it is not that bad. It means no one will judge, or say: “Well, who needs you, loser?” We know who does, he is lying under the fence, or just at home on the couch. No problems with personal life.
A beautiful Russian brides for marriage should be loved, otherwise her feminine essence can`t be realized. Actually, there are a lot of ways to do it and no need to choose anyone and create a family with him. You could go abroad, to a bigger city in Russia, increase your attractiveness and, as a result, your chances of a good marriage.


In modern Russian women are 10.5 million more than men, the average age of men in the country is 36 years, of women – 41 year. At the moment of birth, the number of girls and boys is equal, but after the age of 30 “men begin to disappear” because they become the victims of “injuries at work, war, accidents”. Less than half of them live up to 65 years, until retirement age, so the millions of grandmothers live alone for the rest of their life.
In addition, the divorce rate in Russia is close to 50. Less and less Russian women now believe that their main life goal is marriage and children. Model of Russian society is changing, and women lose faith in marriage and family.

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