Slavic women are known to be good partners in life for many reasons. Here are the seven wonders of Russian women that make men want to marry them:

  • Firm character combined with femininity
  • Diverse beauty
  • Ability to juggle work and family
  • Work hard and have fun
  • Readiness to overcome difficulties in relationships
  • Ability to make sacrifices
  • Still waters run deep

1. It may seem absolute nonsense to someone, but facts are facts. Russian women are the epitome of firm character combined with femininity. Women from this country know how to deal with problems of any kind. They are tough in relation to any climax situations.

It is said a Russian woman rarely asks for help, and it is quite true. It is common to see a lady carrying heavy bags and at the same time taking care of the child walking next to her. The reason is not that they are too proud or something. They just believe that it is normal for a woman to be of firm character.

Nevertheless, these women managed not to lose their femininity. How do they do this? It just happened historically and culturally that a woman should be a woman no matter what. That is why this tradition is preserved. A woman from Russia may be carrying heavy bags, but she will be wearing some feminine clothes, having a decent make-up and glancing at men with this special charming look.

2. A traditional Russian woman is usually described with blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. However, due to the mixing of blood since last centuries, Russian beauty has become absolutely diverse.

There are girls of traditional Russian appearance as well as those who remind Eastern beauty with dark hair and swarthy skin. Some women prefer having natural and modest make-up, others would rather be more expressive, using extravagant colors and dying their hair.

You may see women with short and long hairstyles, curly and straight hair. Some girls are skinny, some are slender, and some are a bit plump. Nevertheless, there is one thing that unites them all – they are all pretty in their own manner.

3. As it has been already mentioned, a woman from Russia knows how to be firm, but not to forget about her femininity. The same thing happens with work and family. Russian mail order brides have this ability to juggle work and family somehow.

What is more, they do it in such a manner that it seems natural and feels right. To be able to do everything in time, women in Russia usually get up at 6 or 7 o’clock. They are these early birds who catch the first worms. If you look out of the window at 8 o’clock, you will see women rushing to bring their children to kindergarten or school.

Then they go to work and after work they head to take their children back home, cook some dinner and spend time with their family.

4. Another surprising fact about Russian women’s personality is the ability to work hard and party hard. Women from Russia know how to have fun.

If they rest after the hard week, or celebrate something, they do it with all their might. Russian women like dancing and singing. What is more, it does not matter whether a place where they spend time is a club, or a restaurant, or it is just at someone’s home. They will always know how to paint the town red.

5. Russian women believe that to have strong relationships you have to work on them. Nobody is perfect. What is more, running from one man to another looking for Mr. Right may end in becoming an old lady with twenty cats. Women from Russia do not throw things away because they are broken. On the contrary, they try to repair them.

Metaphorically speaking, the same thing happens with relationships. Russian women try to fix them and make them stronger.

6. The ability to make sacrifices was developed due to many cultural and religious aspects. Still, Russian women have such a peculiarity. These sacrifices may be of different kinds.

A woman may sacrifice her career to become a good mother or a wife. A woman may sacrifice her personal qualities that her husband does not like.

7. The last wonder of Russian ladies is best expressed in the saying ‘Still waters run deep’. If you see women and girls at the streets of Russian towns and cities, you may think that they are either upset or reserved, or even angry.

However, when you get to know them better, you realize that they are sociable, easy-going and very funny. The reason why Russian women are reserved at first is that they are cautious. This sometimes introverted behavior is just a safety measure.

As you see, Russian mail order brides are not just Eastern beauties as many people think. They have unusual personality traits and peculiarities that make them special.