What You Should Know About The Second Dates With Russian Brides

What You Should Know About The Second Dates With Russian Brides

Tips to Date a Russian Bride

So you made it through the nerve wracking the first date and your are onto your second date a Russian bride adventure…Congrats! Dating Russian brides is definitely a practice that takes considerable patients as the pursuit of such a female, especially for a Western male, can prove a lot of work over the course of time. You court her online until you get a chance to meet in person so the first face-to-face meeting is an incredible opportunity to make an impression or blow everything right out of the water. You have made it passed all that and you are now into the second state of Russian singles dating – building that relationship. She has seen you once and is willing to see you again – this screams that she is attracted to you and interested in what you have to offer in the way of a relationship. Russian women for dating are serious will make their intent known slowly over the course of a couple of dates – just know you have your foot in the door and remain confident going forward!

Do not sweat it!

Think of it this way – the hardest part is behind you now. You have courted her for weeks or months and you finally met her in person for a successful first meeting. Everything is really gravy from here as long as you remain kind, open, and polite. Demonstrate and air of confidence, not arrogance, of calm, not egotism, and you will be establishing a good footing for your second meeting. Now’s the time to have some serious discussions about each other and it is really time to break the ice – the second date is all about getting to know each other. Staying calm is essential because if you are nervous she will sense it and it will change the vibe of the entire date. Take the lead, remain strong, and make the second one the best it can be.

Do a First Date Carry Over

Right now you are probably saying what a carry is over. If you pay close attention to your Russian friend on the first meeting there will be some memorable moment you can both share. She may even mention something that is special to her – her favorite color, perfume, food, or her favorite place to eat. Whatever you discover on the first date sure looks romantic if you are savvy enough to remember and integrate it into the second one. Bring her to that restaurant she mentioned or bring her flowers of her favorite color because she mentioned it.

Plan Ahead and Steady Your Confidence Even More

Russian women like men who are confident, assertive, ambitious, and leaders. Scratch the notion of tough person and aggressive…that is just going too far. However, there is nothing more attractive than a man that has all the right moves, like the entire second meeting planned to the hilt. If you did the dinner and movie thing the first time around, do not repeat it for the second date…that will look like you lack imagination. At least, do not do it the same way…If you want to a restaurant and a theater the first date, maybe you can do a picnic type lunch and a DVD on a portable DVD player. Whatever you do, make it original, and fun!

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