Russian women and their honest love

Every man wants to love and to be loved. A lot of foreigners agree that Russian women are not spoiled with the ideas of feminism, they can love sincerely and selflessly and for it they do not need reminder «love me», this feeling goes from inside. They can be perfect wives for those who are ready for serious relationships. But there are also other aspects of Russian women foreigners can obtain with love.

Russian women as perfect wives for foreigners

Russian ladies are beautiful. In Western culture, the concept of beauty is rather the absence of ugliness than compliance with international standards of beauty, but in Russia it means a good figure, luxuriant hair and regular features. Ladies prefer to look perfect in every situation.

Femininity is the trait Western men have despaired to find in their compatriots. Female in the West run constantly, build a career, compete with men on professional ladder. Russian girls are different. For them, it is still important to meet the husband with a delicious meal after his work. They want their husband to be like a stone wall. And foreigners can guarantee it, because they like to feel as protectors, as someone who is stronger.

Good shape is inevitable part of image of Russian brides. The vast number of western women do not keep their figure, as they do not see any reason to exhaust themselves in the gym, they like their appearance as it is. In Russia women want to be fit for their men. Every man has desire to see pretty lady in good shape near him, to catch jealous looks of other men.

Women from Russia are usually well-educated with at least one Master`s degree. Moreover, they read a lot, visit different courses, have versatile hobbies that may be transformed into good business.

Next point is wit. There are people who are intelligent, well-read, but in everyday life they are dull and obtuse. But in Russia they are intelligent, both in terms of knowledge and in terms of life. They can cope with difficult situation easily and be a good adviser and a reliable support.

Another quality that draws attention towards girls is their remoteness and inaccessibility. They are very discreet, look so mysterious. It is a good trick for men who are eager to conquer and win this inaccessible beauty.

The last but not the least is the fact that Russian women appreciate family values. Cosy house, a lot of children and relatives that gather to have tasty meal, a lot of joyful celebrations is an ideal image of life for Russian women.

By the way they are good cookers, as Russian cuisine is rather diverse, but always delicious. Women will not regret time spending near the stove when they see that their husband is full, happy and makes compliments for the culinary skills.

Russians have a free character and liberated manners, they expose such inner strength that men want to do something unprecedented with them – to conquer the peaks, to dive into the ocean and see the whole world. At the same time they are tender and lovely women, they know how to be responsible and patient mothers.