American gentlemen think that Russian women are better in everything – they take care of their men, they are friendly and housewifely. They also think that American ladies are too materialistic, they are severe upon men and completely spoiled rotten. Partially it is true. Dating a Russian woman is usually better in everything – they dress better, look better and communicate with men better. It seems, they are kinder than American girls.

Usually American men do not pay attention to the well-being of a girl they are choosing as a wife. The most important things for them are external seductiveness, passion and femininity. But still there are narrow-minded and bad-educated men who can decide to marry of convenience, the others are quite capable of knocking down by themselves.

It would be a dirty lie if we said that women from USA are not attractive. They are, and a lot of them. But main difference of Slavic girs is a will to be loved by somebody. Our women are attractive, taking, beautiful and charming.

American ladies are very friendly, they are always smiling and ready to help anyone. The problem is in that fact that they are too cold. Raising up in the unharmed environment, they are too maverick and self-reliant. Those ladies know about their rights and disdain to stand the discomfort. If they need to reach a decision, the first thing they would undertake is asking themselves, why do they need that thing. Women from USA do not have principles. If the lady is attractive, then she is positive about her undeniable right to have everything she wants rich, reliable, family-oriented, generous, honest, sociable man that would be good in bed. American ladies know what they deserve and avail of their beauty. There is a big “but” about such access to relationships – men should care for women, not women for men! That is why single Russian women are in priority among American men.

Russian women: pros and cons1

Our wоmen are very serious about their beauty. Of course, it also depends on genetic heredity, but they overspend their money on different beauty treatment. They never go out until they bring themselves up. They learn to look after themselves from the childhood. Actually, there is no necessity to wear makeup every day to look good because of natural beauty, but it makes them feel more confident. Russian girls should be proud how they look.

The main value of Russian woman is a family. Girls from USA are strong enough to study, earn money and climbing a career leader, but a husband and children are always in priority. Perhaps this is due to strong patriarchal traditions in Russia. Probably you would be surprised, but they can combine different types of activity and succeed in all of them.

Women in Russia love romance. They like flowers and poems. Even more, they expect that she would find a love of her life and he would be a real gentleman so she could feel like a lady in his arms.

Also most Russian women have a gorgeous shape. Young girls take care of themselves playing different kinds of sport or going to gym every day to keep well-shaped. Girls try to ignore fast food and go on feet.

Women in Russia are very smart. In the end, this nation has invented space travel! Russian girl knows how to think, act and live independently. If you are lucky enough to win the heart of a Russian girl, take care of her, and she will make you happy.