Russian women through the eyes of foreigners

Russian women through the eyes of foreigners

Russians abroad

Russians abroad always stand out from the crowd. You can wear a baseball cap to hide beneath her blond hair, wear dark glasses in half-face and to go with an impartial view frequenter, will still come and speak in Russian. If the answer is in good English – very surprised, after all, foreigners got used to the fact that the Russians do not speak the languages. So what do you think about us foreigners, what they see as Russian girls?

In the resorts of Italy and Spain Russian speech already drowns out local dialects. In Turkey and Egypt Russian and Ukrainians already almost completely replaced the Germans and Italians, anyway, the last prefer to relax in the hotels destined for their fellow Germans with Germans, Italians with Italians.

For many foreigners Russian women are very attractive. Foreign men dream to have an affair with Russian beauties, some of them then admit that fleeting holiday romance became almost the most vivid adventure in their lives. Some, taught by bitter experience, on the contrary, are afraid of Russian, like fire. Dating sites are full of advertisements that provided a foreigner to take a wife Russian girl, and even with children.

Several years ago I worked as a translator in a large international company. I remember when I first went to a new job, I immediately said “Oh! Another Anna Kournikova!”. For foreign men former tennis player Anna Kurnikova was and is the example of Russian beauty. Very often, the different resorts the Asian men asked: “And that you are all as beautiful as Anna Kournikova!”. In the list of our compatriots personifying the beauty and feminity of Russian girls, Natalia Vodianova, Eugenia Volodina, Anna Vyalitsyna, Sasha Pivovarova, Vlada Roslyakova, Maria Sharapova and many others.

On the Russian resorts secretes grooming, brightness, showiness, mismatched outfit the place and time. Only Russian girl can go down after Breakfast to the pool area in sandals on heels and evening makeup. Only Russian tourists, going on guided walks in the mountains or ancient ruins, will wear mini-skirts and stiletto again, then to never have to leave the bus.

Russian women from different parts of Russia, dariuas to a buffet, put on three full plates of food, I do not know

Russian women through the eyes of foreigners1

moderation in alcohol, sing songs where they are “covered”. Russian women like to complain to foreigners that the house on them hangs, and children and alcoholic husband for many years not working and all spends on drink, but to expel him it is impossible, after all, children need any father.

Young Russian girls are on the street as on the catwalk: and hair do, and makeup will bring, wear the best outfits, manicure, pedicure, perfume, going shopping or to the supermarket for toilet paper. The length of the route doesn’t matter – just around the corner, the next street or to travel all over all the planned stores.

So what do you think about us foreigners, what they see as Russian girls? I asked my friends foreign men, many of whom are my good friends, to help me in writing the article and answer the important question: “How do they imagine Russian women”.

Juha Graaf, the musician, 29 years old, Helsinki :

“Russian girls have played in my life very important role. But I can only speak about the girls from the Northern capital. We often come to St. Petersburg: they perform at local clubs, drinking, partying. Russian girls are absolutely crazy if they go, it is a long time and to the fullest. They are action – neither in alcohol, nor in love. Very feminine, passionate, very beautiful, very vulnerable”. Juha was twice married and divorced, the second wife of St. Petersburg. From the girlfriend from St. Petersburg his two-year-old son, the couple does not live together.

Heinz Schulze, 36 years old, designer, Dresden :

“Russian girls know their worth, anyway? (Heinz lives and works in Moscow over 8 years – ed.) Of course, money play a vital role. And husband they are currently looking for a apartment, car and Bank account. Russian dream to go abroad, because I think it’s better than here. And men richer, and the air is cleaner and houses all with beautiful garden. Russian wife – the perfect hostess, well prepared and tasty, friendly but wasteful. But we, in choosing a wife, not looking for a housekeeper, and relations hampered by differences in mentality. Russian too extravagant, too unpredictable, I love that everything went according to their scenario, bossy men, very strictly brought up children.

Peter Kaulitz, 21, student, Rostock :

“I know a lot of students from Russia. They are all very similar both in appearance and in manner to talk about the future, and what men they choose. To their peers they looked down upon unless it appears that they have respectable parents. Men themselves choose to 7-10-15-20 years older, it is clear that everything here is due to finances. Russian girls are beautiful but cold, and very prudent, at least, those I know.”

Jonas Lindstrom, 34, journalist, Stockholm:

“Russian girl – a very interesting and educated companions, ready to support just any topic of conversation, much more interesting than the Swede, who already horizons. Russians really love myself, so always elegant and beautifully dressed, wearing makeup”.

Martynas of Polk, 28, Manager, Geneva:

“Russian intelligent and beautiful, know how to emphasize their strengths and hide weaknesses. Russian women are strong in spirit, many are willing to go for love and family, more ready to forgive, vulnerable, sensitive. Real women, the standard of femininity”.

Justine D’or, 31, an architect, Toulouse :

“Russian women are very feminine and luxurious. These women want to be on hand, dressed in fur and execute their any desire. Unlike French women, they are more liberated in a relationship, often find themselves taking the first steps, touchy, but easily appeased, and are fun and easy, every day as a holiday. However this holiday does not last long, Russian non-permanent”.

Anders Hendrickson, 29, a mechanic, östersund:

“I had a little chat with Russian girls. The impression received from a visit to Moscow in 2004. Russian girls, painted like dolls. Very bright, elegant, plump, ruddy. We immediately see that the healthy and happy eating, probably pancakes with honey and caviar and drink vodka, so beautiful like that. One friend told me about one Russian girl who fell in love, and she was a con artist. Now he says that all Russians are very calculating, dangerous, treacherous, everything is carefully thought out, and I do not believe Russian is very easygoing and cheerful, love to party, Russian booze – it is something!”.

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