Many men and women find their soul mate in a distant foreign countries and there are a lot of different reasons for it. Many of these families live happy, some divorce, but the main difference which exists between the members of such family is mentality. Mentality depends a lot on the culture and atmosphere where a person has been brought up. So let us dwell upon the main features of Russian women mentality.

The main aspects of Russian women`s mentality

First of all, it is beauty and femininity as everyday style of life. Russian females are convinced that they should look perfect every moment of their life. Seductive dresses, high heels, impeccable makeup are the elements which women use not only on special occasions, but even when they go to shop. Foreigners agree that predominantly all women in Russia deserve the title of ” Miss Universe “. They can easily choose the outfit as French girls do, but at the same time they possess an inexplicable inner spark, which can ignite male’s ardor.

Secondly, Russian women have a strong character and are good homemakers. Family is usually on the first place for them. Ladies take care about their children, husband, home and at once they can go to work and earn money. The comfortable atmosphere, when men want to return after work to kiss their wives and to gather with the children at the table tasting delicious dinner is the top issue of every Russian girl. Moreover, they are good friends, who can listen to husband`s problems, give him advice, help in difficult periods. Sometimes they may hide their own challenges in order to help the other, they are very patient.

Thirdly, ladies are rather sexual, but they try not to show affection in public: kisses and caresses are made usually in private places. And it is not due to their «coolness», it is just the result of conservative upbringing. Very often ladies do not show their emotions and passion easily on the public. When you are alone they can show you their love and be quite liberated.

Most Russians are not aware of the discrepancy between them and the western standard of living, the differences in the relationship between man and woman and they do not believe that their life is not normal. For them it is regular to work from morning till night, to cook constantly, clean, wash, teach a child – and do it all themselves. At the same time they try to find some minutes to take care about themselves, to make some cosmetic procedures, to go to the gym to be in a good shape. Usually this mix of perfect housewife and passionate lover attracts the attention of foreigners, who are got used to the fact that their women choose only one aspect of life – home or career and are not eager to look impeccable for their love.

So Russian women are intelligent and beautiful, they know how to emphasize their advantages and hide weaknesses. They have strong spirit and are ready to change a lot for the sake of love and family, they are willing, vulnerable, sensitive. These women are the embodiment of femininity.