Russian Women Look for Love Abroad

Why Russian Women Look for Love Abroad?


You probably know that Russian ladies are very beautiful and lovely women but also they are open-hearted, tolerant and womanly. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about Western ladies. This is one of the reasons why foreigners look for a Russian bride. But why do Russian women look for a husband abroad if they are pretty and clever, well-educated, have successful career in their country? Let’s try to understand this tendency from the point of view of a Russian woman.

Why do Russian Brides look for a love abroad?

A lot of people can firmly say that Russian woman is sitting on dating sites online because she simply wants to meet a rich foreigner and to move to his country in order not to work, simply to say that she wants an easy life. Why does not she want to marry with a man from her country? Why does she want to move, to change the place of living? She is a successful woman here, maybe she has a child or she has never been married. Only try to meet your love in your country. But there are a lot of reasons why Russian single lady wants to go abroad. She understands that the children will be born abroad and will be automatically the citizens of that country but Russian men do not think over this question.

Russian men, as a rule, do not appreciate Russian ladies. They are used to see our women beautiful and pretty, to have two or three places of work and at that time the man can well afford himself not to work but the woman works as a horse. Russian men can drink a lot. But what does the Russian woman want? She wants to be loved by a man, to feel the care about her; she wants to get flowers from time to time, she wants to be as safe as houses, she wants to meet a real man who will appreciate and love her just because she is.

Foreigners admire our brides’ beauty and intellect, but Russian men cannot really appreciate Russian women. Of course, every woman thinks about her children’s future and that is why they also think about prosperity. It is naturally. It does not mean that Russian women think only about money. But what to do if your Russian husband drinks, does not work and the woman must work in order to earn money and to bring up children. This is a real problem. The women are tired of these problems and start to look for a real man abroad.

Nowadays a lot of Russian women register at dating sites, create their profiles and try to find a real man for serious relations and marriage in future because they think that it is one of the ways of solving the problem. Everyone has its own life and wants to live it successfully.

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