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Russian women features

Russian culture

Russian culture is a very rich culture with great history and historical heritage. It has hardly anything in common with American culture and, thus, it attracts many Americans. Some might agree that it will be more accurate to say that that it is more Russian women who attract American men than Russian heritage but Slavic ladies are also embodiment of traditions and culture. Many American men take pride in being with such amazing ladies.

Most distinguishing features

What is so special about these women and their culture? Why so many men are willing to take a girl from Russia while they have beautiful women in their native countries too? There are too many reasons that all together turn Russian girls into perfect wives. Here are the main Russian women features that distinguish them so much:

  •  Beauty. Beauty of Slavic ladies is probably one of the first reasons why they are so popular among men from all around the world. Slavic girls have good genes – they are good-looking, having good facial feature and high cheekbones. Some women need to use surgical services in order to get the same result. And, of course it is important to say that Slavic girls are mostly slim. They do not have to spend long hours in the gym trying to lose weight, even though healthy life style is incredibly popular among young people in Russia. Moreover, Russian girls have very good taste and sense of style. It is always easy to spot a Slavic lady in a crowd due to her fashion clothes.
  •  Great wives. A typical Slavic girl will be happy to have a family and kinds, and take care of her home. They are excellent cooks, caring mothers and loving wives.
  •  Gender roles. Most ladies from developed countries of Europe and America are fighting for equality, taking positions of men not only at work but at home as well. They become business ladies, bread winners and will easily sacrifice family for the sake of their career. Traditional Russian woman will choose family over career, which is very much appreciated by many men. A girl in Russia will take care of her home giving her man an opportunity to take care of his family financially.
  •  Values. Slavic culture is based on traditions and values, especially spiritual values. People go to churches and preserve traditions of many religious holidays. When marrying a girl from Russia, a man should not worry as in the same way she will respect traditions of her husband and remember, Russian women character is great!
    A short description of a typical Russian women personality helps understand better why so many men marry Slavic ladies every year. They are simply looking for a woman they could build a happy family with.
Distinguishing features of Russian women – Russian ladies vs American ladies
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Distinguishing features of Russian women – Russian ladies vs American ladies
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