Russian Women and Russian Brides: Are Their Pics Legit?

Russian Women and Russian Brides: Are Their Pics Legit?

Choose a Reputable Dating Site to Use

When it comes to Russian women and Russian brides who post images to their profiles on online dating sites, some Western males looking for marriage then wonder if the pics are legit. This is, of course, a reasonable question coming from men who want to find and meet the woman of their dreams. It would be something awful if the male were to get hooked on a beautiful female’s image only to discover that when he meets her she is not at all as pretty as she appeared in the photographs.

So how can a Western male know for sure that the images he is viewing are the real deal? The key is to be mildly concerned about the legitimacy of the images, but even more so about the information female shares with him. Beautiful images and scarce information are highly suggestive of an issue.

A trustworthy site works hard to keep scammers from putting up photos of fake women pretending to want to become a bride. There are some sites that go as far as to have an anti-fraud department working around the clock to protect site members from potential activity associated with fraud. In the event, the site suspects that lady single ad is false or misleading the user’s account can then be suspended immediately. In addition to this, the site administrators will then notify all site members about the profile that proves suspect. Of course, it is only fair to say that an anti-fraud department can only do so much to protect you from fraudulent behavior. Ultimately, you must be your own advocate.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself from Fraud

There are things you can alert you to a potential problem with a Russian lady post that is suspect. Remaining alert will help you find authentic women versus those lady single adverts that are nothing but a scam. Remember the following:

  1. If the female you make initial contact with suggests she is madly in love with you a few minutes after you contact her that is a clue something is amiss for sure.
  2. If the contact that you do receive looks like some kind of impersonal form letter, think again and move on to a different profile.
  3. If the photos on the profile look like they are tampered with in any way, they likely are not legit.
  4. If she suddenly starts asking you to pay for money for a flight to America or Europe: This could mean she has a Visa and she is looking to get out of the country on your dime.
  5. Essentially, if it seems way too good to be true or that the online relationship is moving way to fast, chances are it is. Pay attention to your gut instinct and if a situation does not feel right, do not go with it.

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