Russian Women and Gift Giving: How to Give Sweet Gifts to Russian Brides


Women hold gifts as important in a relationship, not to the extent that it is all that matters, but giving and receiving gifts is an important practice for females.  This is true of Russian women as well, who see the act of gift giving and receiving as a way of honoring a special day, event, and/or each other.  Western men often panic when it comes time to buy gifts for women, especially when they are working hard to impress them – this leaves them wondering what gifts are best for hopeful Russian brides.  There are plenty of gifts one can get and any of the following choices mentioned here can make a Russian lady feel wanted, desired, and cherished.

Some Sweet Gift Ideas for Russian Women

The first mistake men make after they find and meet a real beautiful Russian female online is that they make assumptions about what she thinks.  A pretty lady single must want really expensive gifts right?  This is an erroneous assumption and it is not at all necessary to by expensive gifts.  In fact, when the gift is very expensive it can make some females a bit tense and feeling pressured about moving forward in the relationship.  A gift that is simple that lets her know you are giving her a bit of attention is a much appreciated gift as any. Some simple gifts you can give your future wife when you are just in the initial stages of the relationship and you are communicating online include:

  • Artwork that you do yourself or buy that reminds you of her. Scan the image and send it to her. Tell her why it reminds you of her.
  • Send her an electronic card conveying your sentiments and how you feel about her.
  • Send her a graphic of a floral bouquet.
  • Russian females love prose and poetry too..

Step it Up a Notch for Russian Brides

When you meet up with your Russian female in person, this is the time to step it up a notch with the gifts:

  • Make sure you greet her with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (and if you can find out what her favorite flowers are first, that’s even better).
  • If you are meeting her family, make sure you bring a gift for her parents and siblings too: A bottle of wine and some cheese make for ideal first time gifts.
  • Take her out to a restaurant in the area and present her with a small token of your affection: A small inexpensive piece of jewelry, for example.
  • Surprise her with a picnic lunch at a beautiful park and give her something she’ll treasure, like a photo album with images of the two of you together. She’ll be able to enjoy the photos for a long time into the future and when you put them into an album it will show how much time you dedicated to putting the gift together.

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