What do you absolutely have to tell your future Russian wife on the wedding ceremony

What do you absolutely have to tell your future Russian wife

Every girl since her childhood dreams of a big wedding in a gorgeous white dress with an amazing man. Not every girl experiences that kind of happiness in real life as grows up realizing that in our society there is no place for dreams. But those who have the courage to believe in miracles and have their hearts open to welcome the true love are the winners as they put their dreams into life.

Wedding ceremony preparations

Marriage with Russian woman is an exceptional experience that happens only once in a lifetime. Those foreigners who are dating Russian girls know how unbelievably great they are. Every mature man is dreaming of creating a family with this amazing lady.
After the proposal and positive answer comes the time of preparation for the happiest day of in love couple’s life. This happy time is full of errands and troubles and it is important to support one another during this period.Among the most important things the happy couple should think about are:
⦁    Applying for the state registration procedure;
⦁    Searching for buying a perfect dress and a suit;
⦁    Preparing invitations, making list of guest;
⦁    Choosing the church and the restaurant;
⦁    Planning a honey moon, etc.

Wedding ceremony preparation is a real challenge that can cause a friction and a lot of misunderstandings. Mutual respect and love can help to overcome all obstacles and create even deeper bond.

Wedding vows

From the moment a man puts a wedding ring on a finger of his beautiful Russian wife her new life begins: from this moment he is the only man able to make her happy, the only man she wants to have children with and to grow old with. Russian wedding ring for a woman is a sign of belonging to one person, of eternal love and commitment for one man.  Starting a family means everything for a Slavic woman as she is ready now to have children and to devote herself completely to her own family.
Pronouncing vows is not an obligatory but very intimate procedure. It is about exposing our hearts if front of family members and friends and putting our most sacred dreams into words.
Every woman what to hear how precious she is for the man she loves and that he imagines no future without his beloved partner. Russian bride wants to be sure that she made the right decision and that her husband shares the feelings and sees no other women, wants to raise children, spend his life with her and trusts her with his life.
Every girl in the world deserves to find this man who will make her special and loved. No matter in what country are we living or what life choices are making we all deserve personal happiness with someone who makes us happy.

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