Russian wedding ring meaning

Russian wedding ring meaning

Russian marriage has reach history filled with various traditions. This people respect their past and family values and keeping that in mind they choose to stick to tradition ways regarding celebrating of important events like birthdays, baptism, holidays’ celebration and marriages.

Russian ceremony is an exceptional event that demands a lot of time and efforts and tends to last few days as Russians maintain close contacts with all relatives and have a lot of dear friends that are all invited. Usually it is divided into few parts: formal one with receiving a marriage certificate, the ceremony in church and celebration with friends and relatives. Russian ring meaning is a significant tradition in marriage and engagement ceremonies and valuable in Russia and all other countries of Eastern Europe.

Why Russian Orthodox wear wedding ring on the right hand

In Russia and other countries of Former Soviet Union two rings are the symbol of marriage and spouses are expected to wear them on right fourth finger. Couples exchange them during ceremony as it is done in Western cultures and the finest choice is the classic gold bands. In some cased couples may personalize jewelry with inscriptions.

Very often men are skipping the obligation concerning the meaning of wedding rings but ladies tend to appear more serious about this tradition and almost every married Slavic woman is wearing her ring along with the engagement one. Ladies choose to wear them on the same finger as they make a great duo the engagement band being usually with stone but the wedding one in plain metal.

Wedding bonds are meaning love as well as commitment between two loving persons. It is placed on the right hand forth finger. This is a well practiced ritual of Orthodox Christian as well as Catholic countries as at the time of the betrothal service the priest places the it on the couple’s right hand.

Traditional ring styles

There are a lot of different variations in ceremonies. Majority of young couples tend to choose simple bands of yellow, rose or white gold. As for different designs we can mention triple roll or Trinity rings crafted in three colors of gold; meaning that are often associated with traditions but in the reality are not so popular in this country. Gold Slavic wedding ring of classic design is still the finest choice of engaged couple.

Another great decision to find unique but also expensive piece of jewelry is to obtain Cartier Russian wedding ring. Surely, any Slavic lady will be more than happy to have the Trinity de Cartier which was designed in 1924. Pink, yellow along with white gold are meaning a true masterpiece where every color has its meaning: pink for love, yellow for fidelity, white for friendship. This is a timeless design that indicates true and lasting feeling.

There are a lot of happy couples who prefer to stay simpler by choosing silver to gold. In this case top option is to choose silver Slavic wedding rings of tender and delicate design with the meaning of love for each other in front of close friends.

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