Russian wedding dress traditions and modernity

Russian wedding dress traditions and modernity

Marriage day is the most memorable events in every woman’s life as she and her husband declare their love for one another in front of guests, relatives, and friends. What makes this day so magical that every lady dreams of it?

Russian Wedding Procedure

Wedding is a happiest time in every loving relationship. Young hearts are full of hope for a bright future and sure that nothing can divide them.
Russian wedding traditions are not like western ones. Eastern Europeans are used to big ceremonies with hundreds of guests. Among those invited the majority is relatives as Russians and Ukrainians have big families.
As a rule, Russians have few ceremonies: the first one is official registration and the second one with the guests in a restaurant. A lot of happy couples decide to get married in church and this procedure requires special attention. Wedding with Russian women can be bureaucratic as requires applying to the registry office few months in advance in order to set the date of the wedding ceremony and to receive an official marriage certificate.

Russian wedding dress traditions and modernity
Russian wedding dress traditions and modernity

Preparations for the celebration

Russian wedding ceremony requires a lot of time and efforts. Slavic ladies are not using services of marriage planners but prefer to do everything by themselves and relying only on their friends and parents. The most responsible assignments that require undivided attention are choosing the right dress and finding a great restaurant.
While choosing a restaurant it is important to understand how many people will attend the celebration and the theme of the party. It will be useful to meet the cook personally, to discuss the menu and to choose the perfect cake.
Another issue to think over is a honey moon. Beautiful Russian wife and her husband surely will express a desire to go somewhere and to enjoy some time together. Both of them should decide whether they would want to go some place distant and even deserted like an island of some kind or is it going to be a big city with a huge cultural legacy.

Wedding dress for the beautiful bride

The part of choosing a celebration dress is a whole ceremony itself as a gorgeous young bride must be sure that she looks amazing and a dress suits her perfectly.
While choosing a dress every little detail counts: body type, neckline, fabric, train length, waist style and, of course, the price. Every bride must try on at least a dozen of dresses to make the right choice. Among the most popular types of silhouettes we can mention these: A-line, Mermaid, Sheath and Ball Gown.
Every Slavic bride has to patient in order to find the right gown for her body type. In this case, undoubtedly, she will look gorgeous at her Russian wedding ceremony and makes her husband cry from happiness.

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