Russian ladies’ names secrets, major trends and preferences

Russian ladies’ names secrets, major trends and preferences

Beauty in everything

It often happens that exactly the names which are given to people at birth determine their fate. It might seem what’s the difference how a person is called, but if you compare the names, you will notice that people with the same one often have similar character traits. Both female and male names have enough importance that often determines their future life.

European men are no exception; they are very sensitive to Russian ladies names too. The habit of certain established stereotypes leads to the fact that men start to look for women who are called in a specific way, not paying attention to even more beautiful and attractive girls. But we must remember that time passes and things change, fashion for names is changing too, and children are being called in accordance with trends that exist at the moment. So there are new, sometimes unusual names, but it doesn’t mean that traditions and values of women in this country are changed.

What is hidden in Russian lady names?

Everything is changing: fashion, habits, but there is one constant thing – the desire to love and find happiness. Usual names are increasingly replaced by the rarer, sometimes even unusual ones. But it doesn’t mean that they can somehow change women, their aspirations and traditional character traits such as loyalty, honesty and dedication.

Not so long ago girls in Russia are used to be called traditionally, and it is often possible to meet girls with such names as Lyubov, Nadejda, Natasha, Lena, etc. Familiar tradition became a major sign that the girl has grown up in a family ruled by a strict upbringing and the standard norms in relation to her husband and family. Legends and poems were composed about these women, for their duels were fought. And exactly about these women men from various countries are dreaming of.

Everything that is Russian is associated with mystery and has some extraordinary inscrutability that causes a constant concern, and women, beautiful, selfless, loving, become a symbol of family traditions and sample of what a wife should be like. That is why, despite the time, the interest in these women continues unabated, and Russian names also cause special feelings.

New fashion – new names

Already familiar Russian female names are not so frequently found, there are many new ones, connected with the fashion preferences. There were even times when women were called after well-known events in the country; for instance Lypa (Olympiada). Increasingly, when getting acquainted you can hear such names as Valeria, Victoria, Elvira, Lilya, Rita, etc., to which the European men have to get used to. But these women don’t become less desirable, their beauty also beckons and attracts, because they are still Russian women with the Russian character, tenderness and loyalty. So don’t think that name has an effect on what your fiancée will be like. The main things are understanding, love, and respect. If there is a spiritual affinity between people, it does not matter what name your chosen one has.

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