Russian ladies in New Zealand

Russian ladies in New Zealand

Marriage with Foreigner for Russian Lady: Reasons and Barriers

Russia and Ukraine are widely known for their beautiful ladies. But due to democratic and social factors, thousands of women have difficulties with finding a really good soul mate. According to statistics, there are approximately 10 million more women than men in Russia, Ukraine and other former USSR countries. A typical Russian girl is living and dreaming about a luxury wedding, a confident husband and beautiful, happy kids. But the reality seems not that charming for them. It often happens that people in their late teens or early twenties get married and have a baby. But unfortunately, such couples divorce in the following years. In many cases, Russian men avoid responsibility to care and support the child, leaving woman alone. So Russian women believe that men from the West are more responsible when it comes to look after the child.

That is why Russian ladies try to find soul mates in other countries. They use local marriage agency services in order to broaden their search of a husband to all the other places in the world.

Why do Russian girls want to marry foreigners?

 Russian women very often migrate to the West and other countries. There are many Russian ladies in New Zealand, USA, Europe and Australia. So, there’s no need for you to go to Russia. Of course, you can’t be sure that you’ll meet your long awaited fiancé just walking on the street, but it is a possibility. Miracles do happen! In all the other cases, there are marriage agencies which are a big help.

Most of the time, when ladies marry a foreign man, they move to his homeland. They think that life abroad is more decent then in Russia. According to them, New Zealand, like one of the most developed countries is a much better place to live and start a family. Besides, it may be a great cultural experience. International marriages can improve ties between countries and help to receive harmony between husband and wife.

As it is well known, Russian people don’t speak many foreign languages. This country has been closed for many years to the whole world, so nowadays, they are only on their way of becoming a multicultural country. Half of the people stay on the same level, without any desire to develop, they are afraid of changes and follow their old USSR principles. But the other half is doing quite a big success in improving their skills in different languages, they are absolutely not afraid of going abroad, discover new cultures, customs and traditions.

Barriers for Russian women to live abroad

With new age of technology, online dating has become commonplace in Russia. Women don’t want to lose their time anymore and go to marriage agencies where they might meet a husband.

All this process starts from simple messaging. This way is very common, but there is one more way of communication via Skype. You don’t have to type long messages, or wait for the girl to get online, you just see your partner and are able to express everything that you feel. If any of the persons doesn’t know English, which earlier was a problem for international relationships, now it’s very easy to use an online translator, which helps people understand each other better. Getting ahead of the story, we promise you that language barrier is not a big trouble any more. Even if you’d like to meet your beloved woman in real, you’re able to ask for an interpreter, who is usually a girl, who helps both of you communicate and understand each other.

So, as you’ve already understood, after correspondence online, it is normal desire to see each other in real life. Most often, foreign men come to the lady’s territory. It is not accidentally, because it is difficult for these women to go abroad on their own. The fact, that earlier Russians didn’t use to travel to other countries a lot, plays a big role here. Women are afraid to be cheated and left alone in a foreign country. So the first thing to do when you meet her is to win her trust, so that in any case she could rely on you. Of course, if you decide to meet again and continue your communication, girls will be very glad to see your native country and meet all the new traditions. With time they might even agree to follow them.

Another important issue is the price of the tickets. It is quite difficult for our girls to afford such thing, especially when the ticket costs much more than her monthly salary. All in all, this problem is solvable. In any case, she will be waiting you first to visit her country.

Our well-established marriage agency was founded to help ladies and men from different countries meet and make a strong family. Our main goal is to prepare both men and women for the date they have been waiting for so long. We are ready to get to know and share all necessary information with any men without exceptions. Furthermore, we give ladies valuable advices on how to react and how to behave with a certain man. We are open for you to ask the help with creating a profile, choosing a winning profile picture and writing messages that will capture attention. We care about our reputation and offer only high quality services.

Russian ladies in New Zealand
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Russian ladies in New Zealand
Russians live in all over the world. Very often our women want to move abroad in searching love and better life. But they have some problems with it.

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