Russian Girls Looking for Marriage.

Russian girls looking for marriage. Your first date

Your Usual Date with Russian Lady

Well, if you decided to date, marry and create a strong family with Slavic girl, ask our agency for help. We work in this area for a long time and can find for you 100% matching soulmate.

Why Do You Need a Wife from Russia?

If you decide to find Russian girls to marry you have to be ready to meet few new and interesting features of them. Nowadays Slavic women have a bad reputation in “mail-order bride” business because most people think they search American men for money. It is not true. Most of the Russian girls looking for marriage with men that they really love. So, feel yourself lucky if you have an ability to date with such a lady. Probably, she will look fierce, fearless, but most importantly she will be your dream girl.

Particular Moments of Date

Girls – married ones – are really kind, brilliant wives, good mothers, and friends. But before this, they are typical ladies that want to meet a man and flirt. And if you have a first date with Russian girls, marry them after learning following features.

  1.  It takes too much time to get ready. When Russian girls want to marry they do not have a time limit to prepare themselves for a date. They do want to look great and are concerned with physical appearance. So, keep calm; you were warned.
  2.  She could (probably must) be late. The first point explains why Slavic lady is late. Sure, you may find one who will be in time, but it is one chance in a million. Be ready to wait a half an hour at least.
  3.  The conversation may be interrupted by superstitions. For example, do not seat at the corner of the table, because it may mean that you won’t get married. Be careful with salt, because you may spill it and fall aboard with somebody and so on and so on.
  4.  Your jokes may not be understood. Russian and American humor is completely different. So, you or she may have translation difficulties with some jokes.
  5.  Possible misunderstanding. Maybe, your lady will nod or smile during the evening too much. It is not because of her temper; probably she does not understand your accent. Are you sure your pronunciation is perfect?
  6. You will eat some strange dishes. Russian cuisine is strange sometimes; you may taste some weird ingredients in a salad, for example. But you will get to use it.
  7. It is not the whole list of features of your meeting with Russian women. Maybe some points will not come in handy, but some will. In general, keep to them and you will remember this date for a lifetime.

An alcohol is not a problem. Try not to look surprised when your lady will outdrink you. We hope you do not plan on getting her tipsy after a few shots.

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