How willing are the Russian girls to chat with foreigners? To find out, let’s start with the general statistics on the question. It is not a secret that girls talk more than guys. Moreover, it has been recently proven scientifically. A certain element in human’s body that makes people be talkative is called Foxp2. Woman’s body contains more Foxp2 than man’s one. That is why, the scientists explain, girls tend to talk more.

Statistical evidence

Girls, and particularly girls, speak roughly 20,000 words within one day while guys speak three times as less. Returning to our question of how willing would be Russian girls to chat with a foreigner; I will just say that they will be happy to. And here are a few reasons why.

Reasons why Russian girls use chats

  • First of all, ladies are very open-minded and friendly. You can see them on the phone all the time either talking or texting with friends. Such a desire of constant communication was the main reason for emerging of a great number of Russian or international mobile messengers that can still be used in Russia. You probably do not know about Russian vkontakte network or a Telegraph developed by a Russian. Therefore, looking at the general situation, youngsters talk all the time.
  • The second reason why they are more likely to chat with a foreigner online is because they are open to new opportunities. Talking to a man from a different culture is because they see it as a great chance to get to know a new environment and make friends abroad so that one day they could come and visit them.
  • The third reason why Russian girls are open to chat with you is because it is a great opportunity for them to practice a foreign language with a native speaker. Not having a lot of opportunities like this, they will be glad to join a chat with you to advance their level of English or any other language you both speak.
  • And on the contrary, the Russian girls might want to chat with you if you ask them to help you learn Russian. This language is not easy to learn, and they know it. Therefore, if you request their help through chat, they are very much likely to help you learn.

However, you can request help with your language study only when some relationships already exist. This way they won’t see this as a waste of time but rather as a chance to help a friend. In case you do not know the women you want to have a conversation with, you can offer her to practice the language you speak as a “thank you”.

Finally, Russian girls are willing to chat with a foreigner as they are genuinely friendly and open-minded. However, sometimes on might need to show a little bit more creativity to make her interested in the proposition. But be sure that if she agrees to chat, you will enjoy every minute of sincere chats like that.

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